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Eye-Able® Assist

Improve your digital accessibility

Integration within minutes

BITV/WCAG certified

Over 25 functions for your users

Works on all web interfaces

Improve your user experience with these features:

For operation the menu can be opened by clicking on the Eye-Able® icon. assist or opened with the keyboard shortcut "ALT + 1". All functions can also be controlled with the keyboard (instruction via "ALT + F1").

Font size:

This feature allows you to customize the font exactly as your users need it.


Try it directly in our assistance software!

You have the option to adjust the font size of the page to your individual needs. This can be especially useful if you have difficulty reading smaller font sizes or if you simply want more comfort while using our platform.

To adjust the font size, you can use multiple sliders. This gives you an intuitive tool that lets you make adjustments quickly and effortlessly.

These adjustments are not only useful for your eyes, but can also help improve the overall user experience. By being able to change the font size, you can ensure that other users can always clearly see the information provided on your platform.

Everyone has a right to digital participation. We make it easy for you.

Integrate our Assist software to provide your users with an accessible and individualized view of your website content. Eye-Able® Assist helps to adapt the website to the individual needs of the visitors. As a result, Assist software promotes digital participation and improves the user experience.

assistFunctions for people with visual impairment:

Eye-Able® Assist allows users with visual impairments to select the contrast from various presets or adjust it individually.


Font size, word spacing and line spacing can also be adjusted without affecting the layout. Distracting elements such as images and animations can be hidden.


In addition, the software offers a practical read aloud function for entire pages or text passages via keyboard navigation.

assistFunctions for people with color deficiency:

People with color deficiency are less able to recognize color differences in certain contrasts and therefore often cannot use websites properly.


Eye-Able® Assist offers solutions for red, green and blue tint, as well as a grayscale mode.


The respective functions can be adjusted in their intensity as required.

assistFunctions for people with learning difficulties:

For people with cognitive disabilities, Eye-Able® Assist offers various solutions.


Depending on the disability, an overabundance of distracting elements can degrade the perceptibility of the content on the website.


The software offers the possibility to hide auditory and graphic content and to adjust the font to one's own needs in many ways.

assistFunctions for older people:

In times of digitalization, it can be difficult for older people to participate due to various barriers.


For example, a mouse pointer that is too small can cause disorientation on the website.


By enlarging this, our software fixes this problem.

Your benefits from using Eye-Able® Assist.


Attractiveness through flexibility

Eye-Able® Assist provides real-time support for people with visual impairments. It enables them to customizecontent on websites and and use the digital better perceive the digital environment. Dadmake your websites more accessible to a wider range of customers.


Optimal user experience

Enables individual adaptation of the settings to the needs of their users. From font size and color to speech output, the assistance software can be adapted to personal preferences. This ensures an optimal user experience.


Set a clear signal for inclusion

Eye-Able® Assist improves your accessibility in the digital space and enables people with disabilities access to digital content. By doing so, you show that your company is committed to inclusion.


Reach more people

Enable people with a wide range of perspectives and limitations to customize content on your website in real time. This way you improve their digital awareness and expand your customer base.

Give all employees the same opportunities with our assistance software for browser systems.

Eye-Able® Assist is also available for your employees' browsers. With our workstation equipment, you can make it easier for your employees to work online. The Eye-Able® Assistant can be integrated into your employees' Internet browser in just a few minutes. This enables them to carry out work in the browser more efficiently.

Easy installation

Assistant directly integrated in the browser

Facilitation of work

Clear sign for inclusion & participation

Over 1,500 organizations trust us with their accessibility needs.

DRK District Association Neuss e.V.

"Digital participation has become an incredibly important part of our social life," says Marc Dietrich, spokesman for the board of DRK Neuss. "From our DRK principles, we see an obligation to make this possible for all people and to offer assistance."
FC St. Pauli logo

FC St. Pauli, German Bundesliga

"As part of the "Klartext" project, FC St. Pauli is taking the next important step. With the assistance software Eye-Able® , our homepage will be technically customizable by our visitors* in the future."



Logo Leipzig University

Uni Leipzig


Kiel University of Applied Sciences

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Logo Roche


Over 10,000 websites already use our software solutions.

FAQ about Eye-Able® Assist

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is the wizard BITV/WCAG compliant?
The assistance software was designed in close exchange with a BITV/WCAG expert, who himself was involved in the development of guidelines. The software is regularly tested for compliance with accessibility standards and BITV/WCAG compliance was last confirmed at the end of 2022.
Download report
Is the wizard compliant with the GDPR?
The assistant software is data protection compliant and has been tested several times for this. Through the various integration options, such as local hosting, you use the assistant without any outgoing connections.
Information about the Privacy Policy
What are the benefits of the software?
The software is developed by people with disabilities together with us, we follow an inclusive development approach and put the users in the focus of the software. Thus, challenges in the operation of websites were researched in usability labs. This was the basis for the functional design. The solutions generated from the problems, such as the contrast mode, were then tested again scientifically. Today we can call various German institutes for the blind our partners, there our software is in daily use and provides important insights. Thus, we are constantly developing the assistance software further.
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How can Eye-Able® Assist be implemented?
You can integrate the assistance software within a few minutes and you don't need to customize your web interface for it. You will only receive a two-line code, which you have to copy and paste into the header area of the interface. The rest is done by the Eye-Able® team.
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Does the assistance software affect the performance of a web interface?
The wizard has no negative impact on your performance. All scripts load asynchronously and are optimized not to affect the page.
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How does the assistance software differ from the browser functionalities?
System-wide functions are often not "accessible" for people with visual impairments. For example, the initial setting is hidden in submenus, which usually cannot be made without help. Browser and system-wide functions additionally cannot be perfectly adapted to a specific website. The assistance software is manually adapted to each of our customer sites.
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How do I incorporate the software into my site?
Basically, the wizard can be integrated into any system that can map JavaScript. You can integrate the code in the following ways:
1: Integration via Eye-Able-CDN (server in EU, DSGVO compliant).
2: Dynamic reloading (content will be "reloaded" only after click on software)
3 : Local integration of software - software is "installed" or stored on own web server
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How do affected individuals even recognize the software?
We developed the assistant together with people with disabilities (e.g., users with up to 5% residual vision). They determined the position, appearance, and usability of the software through interviews and test results. We are constantly improving the assistant through further research to ensure accessibility and beneficial new functions.
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Can I customize the software?
You can completely customize the Accessibility Assistant. Colors, icons and functionality can be customized to your use case and CI. This does not require any programming on your part.
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Can I install the wizard on my own servers?
You can host the wizard on your own servers. The effort for this is low: you can find the installation and configuration files in the Dashboard.
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Is my website 100% WCAG compliant if I implement assistance software on my website?
No, with Eye-Able Assist some regulations can already be met, but BITV and other laws require the implementation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

WCAG errors can be detected with our auditing software Eye-Able® Audit. The software audits the code of your website according to standards of WCAG 2.1. You can see which standards you do not quite reach yet and you can fix your deficiencies easily and understandably with instructions.
To Eye-Able® Audit
Can settings be saved in the tool?
Users do not have to constantly reset the wizard. After initial configuration, the information is stored in the local storage on the browser side and is then applied directly the next time the user visits a website. Settings can also be shared across multiple domains.
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Experience the full scope of our service:

Eye-Able® Audit

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  • Image description Unlimited number of licenses, no crawling limits
  • Image description Test report export to CSV, XLS and JSON 

Eye-Able® Report

  • Image description Compliance status analysis dashboard
  • Image description Regular system check for WCAG compliance
  • Image description PDF assessment according to WCAG and PDF/UA standards

This is how the Eye-Able® team supports you on your journey to digital accessibility.


Book a consultation without obligation. You will be contacted at your preferred date after you have filled out the form.


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We will provide you with an individual offer and a test license of our software solutions. Our service team supports you during the first integration steps.


You are well prepared and pave the way to digital inclusion for your company. Our accessibility service helps you do just that.

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