Webinars on digital accessibility

Join our free webinars on digital accessibility and learn how to make your knowledge accessible to everyone. Our sessions are designed to be BFSG and WCAG compliant, ensuring you meet the highest standards of accessibility.


Benefits of our webinars on digital accessibility

Compliance WCAG + BFSG

Free of charge

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Past Webinar

Webinar: AI in Digital Accessibility

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In this webinar Anna-Lena Kramer, our technical support expert, explored the vital role of AI in creating accessible digital spaces. This interactive session highlights the ethical and practical importance of digital accessibility. It is discussed how AI can break down barriers and enhance user experiences, with live demonstrations on an example website showcasing practical integrations of accessibility features.

Past Webinar

Webinar: Digital accessibility in the public sector

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Marvin Rottenberger, our Würzburg Sales Manager, emphasized the crucial importance of digital accessibility for the public sector. In this webinar, he highlighted the legal and societal value of accessible digital services, discussing AI's role in improving access. Practical steps for making digital services more inclusive were covered, with live examples on a partner website demonstrating how to identify and remove digital barriers, enhancing the user experience for all.

Past Webinar

Webinar: Making digital teaching at colleges & universities more accessible

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Our speakers, Joscha Bühler (accessibility consultant) and Lennart Hessler (visually impaired usability tester and former student), discuss the importance of holistic accessibility in digital education. Lennart shares his challenges with Learning Management Systems (LMS). The webinar covers LMS accessibility, digital accessibility in education across the DACH region and the USA, and legal frameworks like WCAG, BITV, and BGG.

Free webinars on accessibility

We would like to share our enthusiasm and experience in digital accessibility solutions. We offer free webinars several times a year in which we present our solutions and are happy to answer your questions.


Benefits of our webinars on digital accessibility

Expanded expertise

Learn the latest digital accessibility standards to make your content accessible to all.

Practical application

Learn how to effectively remove digital barriers through case studies and demos.

Network possibilities

Exchange ideas with experts and learn from the experiences of others in our interactive webinars.

Accessibility and comfort

Take part from anywhere and gain valuable knowledge conveniently online.

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Our services

Digital accessibility made simple


Control center for digital accessibility

Elevate your digital presence with Eye-Able® Report. Scan your entire system and all subsystems for WCAG compliance with ease. You get a comprehensive overview of all issues across your websites, empowering you to address and resolve accessibility challenges efficiently.


Browser testing software for BITV and WCAG

Independently test your website for WCAG compliance. This tool not only identifies areas for improvement, but also provides actionable steps to optimize your site's accessibility. Audit helps you effectively comply with all major standards to stay ahead of the digital inclusion curve.

Ally AI assistant

Your personal assistant for digital accessibility

Meet Ally, your personal AI expert for achieving digital accessibility. Receive detailed reports and real-time improvement suggestions, all while ensuring your data stays private. Experience AI-supported consulting that guides you every step of the way.

Simple language AI

Simplify Complex Text into Clear Content

Our AI tool simplifies complex content into easy-to-understand text. Enhance your website's accessibility with real-time text input simplification and improvements, making your content readable for everyone.

AI Website translation

Making content accessible worldwide

Easily break down language barriers with our AI website translation. Automatically translate your content into multiple languages, manage revisions from a user-friendly dashboard, and integrate effortlessly for global reach.


Assistance software for customizing the web

Personalize your accessibility experience with Eye-Able® Assist! It offers over 25 customizable settings to tailor your web experience to individual needs.

Workshops & tests

Workshops and tests for digital accessibility

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge to create inclusive digital environments! As a holistic provider, we offer comprehensive tests according to BITV and WCAG, along with training and workshops on digital accessibility.

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