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Digital accessibility: Crucial for many, useful for all!

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Digital accessibility from the start

Eye-Able® for inclusive product development

Ensure that accessibility is an integral part of your entire development process.

Our solutions offer:

  • Automated monitoring and alerts: keep an eye on compliance with accessibility standards and react immediately to problems.
  • AI elements: Get direct code improvement suggestions to make development more efficient. Have your texts translated – Simple language and local language translation works with Eye-Able® through a few lines of code.
  • Manual audits: Benefit from detailed reviews by experts to ensure your products are accessible to all.
  • Developer tools: Seamlessly integrate accessibility into your workflows. From design to deployment and maintenance.

For websites, web applications and documents

Whether for your websites, web applications or documents - we offer you new digital accessibility options, all accessible via an easy-to-use dashboard. This gives your entire team the tools they need to work inclusively.

Benefits of accessibility & Simple management

  • Simple administration: Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to centrally control and monitor all aspects of accessibility.
  • Advantages of accessibility: Accessibility is not only a legal requirement for many, but also a sign of innovation and social responsibility. It ensures that all users, regardless of their abilities, can use your digital products without restriction.
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For the entire team

From designers to developers to project managers - our solutions support every team member in integrating accessibility into their work.

Accessibility right from the start:

Ensuring an inclusive user experience with Eye-Able®

Our services

Digital accessibility made easy


Control center for digital accessibility

Elevate your digital presence with Eye-Able® Report. Scan your entire system and all subsystems for WCAG compliance with ease. You get a comprehensive overview of all issues across your websites, empowering you to address and resolve accessibility challenges efficiently.


Browser testing software for BITV and WCAG

Independently test your website for WCAG compliance. This tool not only identifies areas for improvement, but also provides actionable steps to optimize your site's accessibility. Audit helps you effectively comply with all major standards to stay ahead of the digital inclusion curve.

Ally AI assistant

Your personal assistant for digital accessibility

Meet Ally, your personal AI expert for achieving digital accessibility. Receive detailed reports and real-time improvement suggestions, all while ensuring your data stays private. Experience AI-supported consulting that guides you every step of the way.

Simple language AI

Simplify Complex Text into Clear Content

Our AI tool simplifies complex content into easy-to-understand text. Enhance your website's accessibility with real-time text input simplification and improvements, making your content readable for everyone.

AI Website translation

Making content accessible worldwide

Easily break down language barriers with our AI website translation. Automatically translate your content into multiple languages, manage revisions from a user-friendly dashboard, and integrate effortlessly for global reach.


Assistance software for customizing the web

Personalize your accessibility experience with Eye-Able® Assist! It offers over 25 customizable settings to tailor your web experience to individual needs.

Workshops & tests

Workshops and tests for digital accessibility

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge to create inclusive digital environments! As a holistic provider, we offer comprehensive tests according to BITV and WCAG, along with training and workshops on digital accessibility.


All about accessibility


Our customers

Join the customers who are already using Eye-Able® for accessibility


Our Vision

Paving the way for an inclusive digital world

Inspiration and Motivation

The creation of Eye-Able® was inspired by our founder Oliver's personal experience. His best friend Lennart, who supports the team as a usability tester, is visually impaired due to a genetic disorder. Lennart dropped out of university due to a lack of accessibility. This motivated Oliver to develop custom accessibility solutions for websites.

Commitment and Vision

We aim to make the digital world accessible for everyone by offering AI solutions, software services, testing, and workshops. Our goal is to actively shape an inclusive digital world, ensuring equal access to information and services on the internet.

This is how the Eye-Able® team supports you on your journey to digital accessibility


Book a consultation without obligation. You will be contacted at your preferred date after you have filled out the form.


Our experts evaluate your current accessibility status and show you possible areas for improvement.


We will provide you with an individual offer and a test license of our software solutions. Our service team supports you during the first integration steps.


You are well prepared and pave the way to digital inclusion for your company. Our accessibility service helps you do just that.

Any more questions?

Please send us a message and we are happy to help you.