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Digital accessibility workshops & tests

As a holistic provider, we offer tests according to BITV and WCAG as well as trainings and workshops around the topic of digital accessibility.

Identify and remove barriers independently

Designing content independently for accessibility

Based on WCAG and EU standards

Assumption of responsibility as a decision maker

Training: Accessible Microsoft Office Documents

Learn to create accessible Microsoft Office documents. All relevant information about the course schedule can be found here. You can choose between a one-day and a two-day course.


Full day training - 1 Tag


As a rule, training takes place from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Deviations are possible. Please refer to the binding order confirmation for the specific times.

Teaching general principles of digital accessibility. The theory is deepened by practical exercises. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are used to show how accessible documents can be created:

Objective: Participants acquire sound knowledge that can be applied in practice.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

Create and export accessible Microsoft Office documents
Check already created documents as well as PDFs for accessibility

The training is intended for anyone who uses digital documents:




Or otherwise work with them

For whom is the training particularly relevant?

People who need to ensure that their digital documents are accessible to reach a wider audience and promote inclusion and participation in digital life.
People who are interested in the topic of digital accessibility and would like to expand their knowledge and skills.

At least basic knowledge in:

Cross-cutting issues - basic rules for creating and exporting

Introduction to digital accessibility
Checking documents/PDFs for accessibility + exporting PDFs
Set language (document/ sections)

Capture alternative texts for images and graphics (tag decorative graphics)

Accessible fonts
Choice of correct contrasts/colors

Correct headings for content

Structuring of the contents

Link descriptions

Use of forms + tables
Handling style sheets
Use filter and sort functions correctly
Formatting numbers & data
Table, column and row labels
Sequence of foil elements
Button labeling
Handling animations


Certificate for participation
Handout as support in everyday work
This online training offers practical knowledge and exchange of experience. Training materials are included in the price. For an individual offer, please contact us. It is held in German, but contains some English technical terms.

Free webinars on accessibility

Gain insights in our free webinars:

We would like to share our enthusiasm and experience in digital accessibility solutions. We offer free webinars several times a year in which we present our solutions and are happy to answer your questions.

Training: Accessible websites

Learn to design accessible websites. Get all the important details about the course here. Both one-day and two-day training courses are available.


Full day training - 1 Tag


Training from 9.00-16.00. Changes possible. Check times in the order confirmation.
Recognizing and removing barriers in web offers and designing digital content barrier-free - practical examples deepen the theory.

Goal: You will be able to apply what you have learned in practice and implement accessibility in your company.

Based on:


EN 301 549

You will benefit from this training if you work in the following areas:


Web content

Learn to work accessibly with:



CMS (WordPress, Shopify, Webflow etc.)


No technical or programming knowledge is required for the training. However, basic computer experience and a basic understanding of web offerings are required.

Introduction to digital accessibility

Presentation of affected groups
Necessity and advantages for people with disabilities
Advantages for companies

WCAG and EN 301 549

Presentation of the contents of the WCAG
EN 301 549 as the legal basis for accessibility in Europe
Legal basis in Germany
Introduction to web accessibility

Practical examples and live demonstrations

Practical examples and review for accessibility

Illustration of the implementation of WCAG and EN 301 549
Demonstration of tools and assistance technologies
Checking websites and digital offerings for accessibility
Challenges and solutions for accessibility in websites, online stores and social/internal networks

Interaction with participants

Answering questions and sharing experiences
Best practices and tips for accessibility implementation are shared

Development of an action plan

Collaboratively develop steps to increase digital accessibility, taking into account resources and timelines.


Certificate for participation
Handout as support in everyday work
The training offers practical knowledge and exchange of experience, including training materials, and takes place online. Ask for an individual offer. It is in German, but contains some English technical terms.

This is how you benefit from our workshops & tests:

Basically, all participants benefit from workshops and tests on digital accessibility. The most important points and benefits of these offerings are listed below.


Practical application:

While software provides automated reviews and support, in-person training and workshops allow for in-depth understanding and practical application of digital accessibility concepts.


Individualized approaches to solutions:

In training courses and workshops, individual challenges can be addressed directly and specific solution strategies developed that general software tools do not take into account.


Deepening Understanding:

In-person training and workshops provide a deeper understanding of digital accessibility beyond what automated software can provide.


Constant updating & conformity:

BITV/WCAG testing ensures that websites and applications not only meet current standards, but are also ready to meet future requirements. Face-to-face training keeps teams up to date with these constantly evolving guidelines.
Over 10,000 digital offerings are already accessible, when will yours be?

More and more executives are recognizing the benefits of an inclusive culture. By participating in digital accessibility workshops and testing, these companies are enabling an inclusive user experience and positioning themselves as leaders in this space.

Frequently asked questions

How are the workshops structured and what content is taught?
We offer workshops on various topics such as web accessibility, accessible office documents, accessible design, etc. The time frame can vary depending on the scope. As a standard, we offer one-day and two-day workshops.
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What is the difference between a one-day workshop and a two-day workshop?
A two-day workshop is divided into a preparation day (without working group) and a Tag for the presentation of results and know-how transfer (with working group). On the preparation day, the web content is examined in detail and an individual accessibility strategy is developed.
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Experience our software solutions for digital accessibility

Eye-Able® Audit

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