Accessibility in the workplace

You want to take an important step towards "inclusive work"? We can help you: With our workplace equipment, you enable your employees to make working online easier.

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Barrier-free workplace design made easy

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Eye-Able Assistance software for employees' browser systems

The user-centric part is the Eye-Able® assistance software that is integrated into digital products to improve accessibility. With over 25 functions such as contrast modes, screen readers, adaptive magnification or color blindness filters, users can visually adapt content to their own needs. Our principle is that everyone should be able to use an online system that is adapted to their individual needs. Web interfaces should therefore be able to be individualized so that everyone has access. This improves the accessibility of the system in the long term.

Give all employees the opportunity to develop their full potential - with assistance technology

The Eye-Able® Assistant can be integrated into your employees' workstations within a few minutes. This enables them to perform work in the browser more efficiently. Show that inclusion and diversity are part of your organization.

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Advantages for your employees

Inclusion and diversity have long since found their way into the design of organizations and companies. In addition to analog activities in the area of accessibility, such as ramps and the like, the digital workplace can also be made more inclusive. We show you how.

Easy installation

Assistant directly integrated in the browser

Facilitation of work

Clear sign for inclusion & participation

Functions of the assistance software

Simplicity is in our DNA: Our tools are both very easy to use and easy to integrate. The focus is always on optimal usability for the user.

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Font adjustments

Content can be greatly enlarged without breaking your layout. Word spacing, character spacing, and line spacing can also be adjusted. This is an easy way to improve your readability.

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Contrast adjustments

The wizard gives users the option of freely selecting contrasts. Brightness differences between font and background color are essential for the perception of texts.

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Read aloud function

Users can have the entire website read aloud, move from element to element, as well as have selected sections of the website read aloud by touching them with the mouse.

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Over 25 functions in total

In total, the assistant offers over 25 functions related to digital accessibility.

Mac Book showing website with greatly enlarged font.

PC work can be exhausting. For all of us

Tendonitis and tendon sheath inflammation, muscle pain in the hand, wrist, arm or neck, headaches, nausea, burn-out syndrome and damage to the visual apparatus are just some of the medical conditions that can be exacerbated by digital work.

You too can create a more enjoyable digital workplace for your employees.

Work more efficiently

Reduce costs

Promote participation

people a month use our software solutions.

FC St. Pauli club emblem

FC St. Pauli

2nd German Bundesliga

FC St. Pauli is taking the next important step in the "Klartext" project. With the help of the assistive software Eye Able, our homepage will be technically individually adaptable for visitors in the future.  


By taking the step of making the FC St. Pauli homepage technically customizable, FC St. Pauli is taking the next important step in making its communication with fans and members more accessible.

These companies are already part of the inclusive network - set a sign for inclusion and participation as well

Over 1,500 companies, organizations and municipalities are already improving their digital accessibility with accessibility software from Eye-Able®. The network sets an example for inclusion and additionally facilitates access to its services and information. Everyone benefits from accessibility.

Your next steps to more digital participation and inclusion:


Our accessibility experts will be happy to get in touch with you. Together, we'll make your information accessible to all.

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