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We are on TV!

Michaela can be seen in the picture. She is being interviewed at the moment.

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Michaela can be seen in the picture. She is being interviewed at the moment.

We are on TV!

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Michaela can be seen in the picture. She is being interviewed at the moment.

The Bavarian Broadcasting, BR, was visiting us. Eye-Able is therefore now to be seen in the public service. We feel honored! As part of the team was an info contribution about Michaelawho works for us in the accounting department and suffers from a visual impairment suffers, published.


She has had only five percent vision in both eyes for about ten years. As a former nurse, this made her unable to work and she had to look for career alternatives. Eye-Able offers her the opportunity to participate again in a full work routinewith a 40 hour week, ....



"This absolutely offers me the chance to be able to work here, to be able to perform again, to know why am I getting up?" says Michaela. This touches us deeply and we are really happy that our company can help people work and surf the internet.



Michaela works not only at Eye-Able, but also with Eye-Able. Among other things, she uses the blue filter. According to her own statement, without these functions she is completely exhausted after a good two hours at the computer. She is not alone in this: around 30 percent of all users on the Internet are dependent on accessibility services. We want to support these people, and of course everyone else, so that everyone can access website content equally.



By the way: For all those who are interested, the report can now be found in the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation's media library and on our YouTube channel. We are very happy about the public interest in our company, because the more people support us, the closer we come to the goal of a more inclusive world. Together, for more accessibility on the Internet!


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