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How do I use a website as a visually impaired person?

Electronic accessibility

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Electronic accessibility

How do I use a website as a visually impaired person?

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Electronic accessibility

My laptop is booting up. I want to give my girlfriend for her birthday her favorite shoes, which are unfortunately sold out in stores. Fortunately, I know by heart where the browser icon is. I just have to point to it with the mouse pointer. But where is it actually? I move the mouse and lo and behold, something moves on the right edge of the screen. A big, fat, yellow mouse pointer. But as soon as I look at it, it disappears. Strange? No, not really, because in the middle of my field of vision there is a hole, a blind spot. So again I wiggle the mouse a bit and slightly squint at the yellow outline of the mouse pointer. Aim well and slowly it comes close to the browser icon. On the third try it works with a well-timed double-click. The first hurdle is cleared. The Internet is reached. This drama repeats itself from now on with every further mouse click, which is why I won't go into it any further now.

Okay, the browser search bar is easy to find. Enter model and shoe size and off you go. There are enough offers, so I look at a few. I zoom in with Ctrl and the mouse wheel. My face literally crawls into the screen . From the outside, I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, so it's only a matter of time before my back speaks up, because I'll remain in that position until my task is complete. I see pictures, prices, and links to websites. There are definitely shoes to be seen. The model is right too, I think, except I have to take a little leap of faith on the color. Could be black and white, or some other combination of a dark and a light color. I can't quite make them out. Exactly which store offers the shoe, I don't know either. The blue color of the link just doesn't contrast well with the light background.

At least the prices are easy to see, so I just go for the cheapest price. Then when I look at the website, I get the feeling that maybe some just don't want everyone to be able to read everything. Some of the background is white, which is standard. But then there's also gray and beige, with fine gray or maybe black type in an estimated font size of 10. I have to zoom in so that only two or three words fit on the screen so that I can make out anything at all. It has something of a hidden object gameas I wander across the screen to see all the options and information.

After a good quarter of an hour, I then took the whole page under the magnifying glass and hopefully set everything correctly. So off to the shopping cart with it. By the way, it's easy to find, big and black in the middle of the bright rest. Fortunately, the shopping cart itself is always at the top right, otherwise the eternal search would start again. My neck is really happy about that. Filling in the order data is no problem at all, since the tab key always centers the current field to be filled in.

Only one last, unfortunately very large hurdle often remains. The captcha that is supposed to find out whether I am a robot. I always thought I was flesh and blood, but still I fail again and again because of the illegible numbers and letters. If it doesn't work on the twentieth try, I might ask someone for help. But then I actually managed it. Now I'm going to have physiotherapy prescribed for my neck and back.

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