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Inclusive online meetings: our top accessible best practices

A person sits in front of a laptop and takes part in an online meeting.

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A person sits in front of a laptop and takes part in an online meeting.

Inclusive online meetings: our top accessible best practices

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A person sits in front of a laptop and takes part in an online meeting.

Online meetings have revolutionized the way we communicate and collaborate. In a world where digital space is increasingly becoming our workplace, it is essential to think about how we can ensure that this space is accessible to all.


Whether at university or at work: The ability to meet and discuss online has become an indispensable part of modern life. It is therefore crucial to implement inclusive best practices. Inclusion in practice is not only social, but also brings many benefits.

Statistics from Bain & Company show that employees who feel involved in a company are more likely to recommend it to others.

As far as the world of work is concerned, for example, a study by Bain & Companyshows that an inclusive working environment has a positive impact on companies.


Employees in an inclusive company are not only more motivated, but also more willing to perform. Such companies are also more likely to be recommended by employees.

So what can you do to make your online meetings as accessible as possible?

Before the meeting:

  • Using an accessible format for the presentation is a good start


  • Including alt texts, legible fonts and short, concise sentences in simple language help to make your content easier to understand


  • Include the link to the keyboard shortcuts for the meeting platform used in the invitation so that all participants can prepare well.

During the meeting:

  • In many video chat programs, you can switch on subtitles to make the content of the meeting more accessible to participants with hearing or speech difficulties.


  • Implement chat etiquette for screen readers: limit the chat function when someone is speaking or ask the meeting leader to read the chat to everyone.


  • Recommends that participants in noisy environments use headphones with a microphone to minimize background noise.

After the meeting:

  • Use the recording function and send it to the participants afterwards. This gives everyone the opportunity to review the content and engage with it further.

Digital accessibility in online meetings is not only a responsibility, but an obligation that we bear as shapers of digital change. By ensuring that every voice is heard, we open doors to a more diverse, creative and effective working world. Because true innovation lies not just in the technology, but in how we use it. Let's contribute to this together, make our world a little more inclusive!

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