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Eye-Able® Report

Your control center for digital accessibility:
This gives you an overview of everything.

Overview of all problems of their websites

WCAG/BITV compliance support + Sorting: A, AA, AAA

Automated accessibility verification

Regular scan of the entire system and all subsystems

These functions are available at Eye-Able® Report:

Your entire system and all subsystems are scanned for WCAG compliance. You will be given an overview of all issues on the respective web pages. In the following, all functions will be explained to you in detail.
1. general overview of the accessibility of your website
The overview gives you the opportunity to always monitor and continuously improve your websites. You are given an overall rating of your websites based on the selected WCAG target compliance. The error ratings over time are displayed in charts and there is a table with the five most common issues identified on your websites.
2. WCAG problem analysis
Here you will find a list of all non-compliant WCAG rules on your website. These can be sorted by category and severity. By clicking on a specific issue, you will get a detailed description of the error, its location, and detailed troubleshooting instructions.
3. analysis of individual web pages
Here you get an overview of all your web pages where accessibility issues have been identified. You can see at a glance how many errors occur on each page. For each individual page, we provide you with a detailed breakdown of all failed rules and instructions and how they can be improved.
4. PDF check
The level of accessibility of each PDF is displayed to you as a percentage. Clicking on a specific PDF will give you a detailed overview of the specific barriers in that document, as well as instructions on how to fix them. You can also upload PDFs directly here and test them for accessibility before publishing them on your website.
5. broken links
Our Broken Links Overview displays all broken or "dead" links, along with the type of error, on your website. The links are sorted by frequency and you are given the particular URL that is causing the error.
6. contrast checker
Our contrast checker compares text and background colors and determines the contrast ratio according to WCAG standards in the levels AA and AAA. With this tool, you ensure optimal readability of your websites and an inclusive web experience for all users.

Your journey toward greater digital accessibility starts here:

Your advantages by using Eye-Able® Report


Up to date with accessibility

The Eye-Able® Report Tool is an effective solution to ensure that your websites are accessible and stay that way. Problems are identified and solutions are suggested.


Save time and costs

Manually checking the accessibility of a website can be time-consuming and costly. The Eye-Able® Report Tool automates large parts of this process and saves you valuable resources.


Stay compliant with the law

With the Eye-Able® Report Tool you canmore easily meet the requirements ofthe WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). You will avoid legal issues and ensure that your website is accessible for all users.


Reach more people

Accessible websites improve the user experience for all people. In addition to an expanded user base, accessibility can improve SEO performance, increase visibility, and generate more traffic.

Over 1500 organizations already use Eye-Able®

Logo University of Chicago Illonois

The University of Illinois, Chicago

"It allows all users to effectively use UIC's Blackboard system by providing various visual adjustments such as contrast and font size adjustment, access to voice output, and many other accessibility solutions."
FC St. Pauli logo

FC St. Pauli, German Bundesliga

"As part of the "Klartext" project, FC St. Pauli is taking the next important step. With the assistance software Eye Able, our homepage will be technically customizable by our visitors* in the future."

Logo City of Cologne
City of Cologne
North Rhine-Westphalia logo

Department of Health

Logo Archdiocese of Cologne
Archdiocese of Cologne
Hypovereinsbank logo
Logo caritas


Disabled Sports Association

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FAQ about Eye-Able® Report

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can error reports be exported?
Yes, all displayed data incl. error history, errors on subpages etc. can be exported.
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In which languages is Eye-Able® Report displayed?
To make our service accessible to as many people as possible, we currently offer Eye-Able® Report in two languages: English and German. We plan to add more languages in the future to reach even more people.
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How often is the data updated?
Your domain is usually searched weekly. There is a possibility to adjust the rhythm.
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With Broken Links, is it possible to see which pages the broken URLs link to?
Yes, clicking the advanced menu will also show on which pages the URL can be found.
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According to which standard are PDF files checked?
Eye-Able Report checks for PDF/UA and parts of WCAG.
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Will the exact errors in PDF files be shown to me?
Eye-Able Report highlights the errors in the PDF file and provides instructions on how to fix the errors.
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Can I use the tool to improve my SEO compliance?
Structural improvement of the site according to the legal requirements improves the ranking of a website and thus its visibility in search engine results lists.
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What other features does Eye-Able® Report have?
With Eye-Able® Report you can additionally check the color contrasts of your web pages and manage the licenses for Eye-Able® Assist and Audit. This way you have all the tools you need for an accessible website in one place.
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Experience the full scope of digital accessibility

Eye-Able® Assist

  • Image description 25+ accessibility features
  • Image description Integration into all HTML based interfaces
  • Image description DSGVO-compliant integration (also own server)

Eye-Able® Audit

  • Image description Real-time WCAG checking software for online systems
  • Image description Unlimited number of licenses, no crawling limits
  • Image description Test report export to CSV, XLS and JSON 

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