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Press release: Dieter Schlosser, former CEO of SoftwareOne, joins Eye-Able

Dieter Schlosser

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Dieter Schlosser

Press release: Dieter Schlosser, former CEO of SoftwareOne, joins Eye-Able

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Dieter Schlosser

Schlosser becomes major investor and new chairman of the Board at Web Inclusion GmbH

Margetshöchheim, Germany, December 14, 2023 - Web Inclusion GmbH, Europe's leading technology provider of digital accessibility software under the Eye-Able® brand, today announced that Dieter Schlosser, former CEO of SoftwareOne, has joined the company as Chairman of the Board. At the same time, Schlosser will become the main investor in the Franconian company. He sees great potential in promoting digital accessibility and wants to establish Eye-Able® as one of the world's best solutions in this field.

Dieter Schlosser's role and vision  

Under Dieter Schlosser's leadership, SoftwareOne AG has become a leading global software company. He brings to his new role at Eye-Able® his experience from the technology industry at SoftwareOne and from his previous roles at Daimler Benz AG, DKSH and BHP. Schlosser comments: "In my work with Web Inclusion, I see a mission to make the world a more accessible and equitable place for all with Eye-Able®. By establishing accessibility institutes in major cities around the world, we aim to educate people with and without disabilities about the importance of inclusion in the digital space. I want to give back to society and actively contribute to creating an inclusive digital world. Every step we take towards digital accessibility brings us closer to a world where everyone can participate equally, true to the credo: Let everyone shine.“

Promoting Digital Accessibility  

Dieter Schlosser's involvement underscores Web Inclusion's success in making digital content accessible to all user groups with Eye-Able®. Oliver Greiner, CEO and Founder of Web Inclusion: "Dieter Schlosser's role in Eye-Able® goes far beyond that of a major investor. As Chairman of the Board, he will be a central figure in our strategic direction and help us achieve our goals of creating an inclusive digital world.“ A key element of the partnership is the establishment of Accessibility Institutes in major European cities in 2024, and globally thereafter. These facilities will be designed as interactive spaces where people with and without disabilities can experience the importance of inclusion in the digital space. Greiner is certain: "With Dieter Schlosser, Eye-Able® will further strengthen its position as a global solution in the field of digital accessibility.“

About Dieter Schlosser:   

His career began in 1982 at Daimler Benz AG, where he held a key position as General Manager for IT in Asia, followed by other key positions at DKSH and BHP. Later, as CEO of SoftwareOne, he became one of the key figures in the global technology industry. During his tenure there, he was responsible for key milestones such as the acquisition of Comparex, the successful IPO of SoftwareOne in October 2019 and the transformation of the company into a global provider of software and cloud solutions, leading to a doubling of net sales to over one billion Swiss francs by 2022.

About Eye-Able®:  

Web Inclusion GmbH, based in Margetshöchheim near Würzburg, Germany, is a holistic digital accessibility provider. In addition to the Eye-Able® software service, the team offers WCAG testing as well as training and workshops on digital accessibility. The software portfolio includes WCAG testing software, an admin dashboard for visualization, including PDF checking, and assistive software as extensions to already accessible websites. In total, over 2000 customers already use Eye-Able® software solutions. The company's mission is to provide equal access to information, knowledge and services on the Web for as many people as possible.

Further information: Web Inclusion GmbH, Gartenstraße 12c, 97276 Margetshöchheim,

Management: Eric Braun, Oliver Greiner, Christian Schmidt

Phone: +49 176 64103397, e-mail: info@eye-able.com


Company contact: Christian Schmidt, chris.schmidt@eye-able.com, +49 176 64103397

Press contact: Thorsten Franke-Haverkamp, Frankemedia, Amberger Str. 5, 81679 Munich, phone: (089) 20042748, info@frankemedia.com
Royalty-free images and press release as PDF: Link
Image 1: Dieter Schlosser, new Chairman of the Board at Web Inclusion GmbH
Image 2: Oliver Greiner, Managing Director of Web Inclusion GmbH
Photos may be used freely in connection with reporting on Eye-Able® .

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