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Leipzig makes history

leipzig market square

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leipzig market square

Leipzig makes history

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leipzig market square

Who once in Saxony vacation make wants, will hardly get around this beautiful spot. Leipzig: As one of Europe's most traditional music capitals and Germany's oldest trade fair city is it haslong since known. The metropolis, which is already very rich in history metropolis plant, however also in future history to write. And with us! Dhe city may from now on not only with a great variety of tradition and culture culture, but also the effort to accessibility on their banners!

It is an honor for us cooperation with Leipzig with Leipzig.n. Now it is no longer "just" the birthof famous musical greats such as Richard Wagner. No, jt is now also the home of Eye Able. Whereas our relationship to the city is more like that of Johann Sebastian Bach. resembles. He was indeed at another place, but moved to Leipzig in the course of his life and can can nowadays without question be called a true child of the city

The cooperation with us makes the Leip'scher online world more accessible not only to some people, but to everyone! The website of the city has now about all the functions the Eye Able just so offers. This includest among other things the read aloud functionThis offers the possibility of individual reading of online texts to navigate. The intelligent font enlargement is also part of our offer, because with us inclusion is not only written in written in capital lettersbut quite just as big, as the respective users need it; and that without damaging the original layout of the website. As if that wasn't enough, our tool generally offers over 25 different accessibility functions, which the city of Leipzig can now make available. That's something what or? As we are a holistic provider for web accessibility, we also offer testing and training according to the current standards. In this way couldn websites maintained by us can not only be more accessible be but also remain so!

Besides the collaboration with Eye Able provide the city and the local association for the disabled by the way also provide a city guide availablewhich is intended to facilitate a barrier-free stay in the city. This guide is available in three different versions. The "Online City Guide" contains all kinds of inclusionrelevant information on variousn buildingn and facilities. The "Building Navigator" is intended to help at orientation within the cityt help. The destination is is displayed on a map and additionally allall relevantn Accessibility data is also output. The last element here is the "building list". With this you can find out the exact address of a facility, as well as information about the accessibility there.

All in all, with our new partnership again something for done to make this world a bit more inclusive. In the process every step in this direction is goodbecause accessibility is always a joint project and, above all, an ongoing development process.. Of course, we hope to find more allies on this path in the future.

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