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Installing the software

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Zu sehen ist ein Server. Hier werden verschiedene Kabel in die dafür vorgesehenen Stecker gesteckt.

The Eye-Able software is integrated via a script tag anywhere on the website, usually in the header. In order not to degrade the page speed of the site, it is important to load the script asynchronously. In addition to the main program (eyeAble.js), there must also be a configuration that contains at least the license information.

Ein Code-Schnipsel, dass die Integration von Eye-Able über eine Schnittstelle zeigt.
Example of a server integration in managed mode

The scripts can also be via defer or loaded at any time. However, it must be noted that functions such as the blue filter or the contrast mode can cause a "flare up".

Server side integration

Usually Eye-Able is loaded from an external server, the www.eye-able-cdn.com domain. A CDN is used for fast and secure distribution. For data protection reasons, Eye-Able only works with European partners and server locations for the CDN. Updates are automatically played out with a server-side integration.

managed mode

In managed mode, the Eye-Able configuration is loaded via our server. This has the advantage that we can make adjustments quickly without you having to change anything in the coder.


However, it is also possible to define the configuration directly inline and to change the parameters yourself. You can find more information about this here.

Ein Code-Schnipsel, der zeigt, wie Eye-Able eingebunden werden kann, wenn man es über seinen eigenen Server installiert.
Example of a server integration with its own control over the configuration

Privacy and local integration

Privacy is very important to us at Eye-Able. We do everything we can to protect our user data and ensure full compliance with the GDPR. You will find a template for supplementing your data protection declaration as well as further information here.


However, we understand if you don't want any outbound connections to other servers on the site. Eye-Able can therefore be hosted on your own web server without any loss of functionality. The only downsides are a loss of managed mode, ie you have to make changes to the configuration yourself, and no automatic updates. If you decide to host on your own server, we will send you a current version on a regular basis.


For hosting on your own web server, only one option for uploading directories (e.g. FTP access) is required. After the necessary files are saved on the new target server, only two URLs in the script tag and the configuration have to be adjusted accordingly. If you are interested, please contact Eye-Able Support.


Your code for your website:

					<script async type="text/javascript" src="https://www.eye-able-cdn.com/configs/IHREDOMAIN.js"></script> 
<script async type="text/javascript" src="https://www.eye-able-cdn.com/public/js/eyeAble.js"></script>

After purchase, you can customize the code above by replacing the "YOURDOMAIN" part with your own domain. Be careful not to include protocols like https and subfolders in the code. YOUR DOMAIN should be exactly what you specified when ordering.
Paste the code into your website header to start using the assistant software.
If you are unsure which code to use or not all functions are available, please contact support at: support@eye-able.com

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Das Bild zeigt Code in einer Computer-Konsole.

Integration with dynamic reloading

In addition to loading the Eye-Able assets directly from the Eye-Able or local server, there is also the option of downloading the data from Eye-Able by clicking on