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What does digital accessibility mean?

A website is barrier-free if it can be found, accessed and used by people with disabilities without particular difficulty and generally without assistance. A person with a disability should be able to use a website just as independently as a person without a disability. In Germany alone, almost 10 million people have a disability, but many more people benefit from simple and accessible websites. In order to be able to fulfill these accessibility principles on one's own website, Eye-Able® is the ideal partner as a holistic provider for digital accessibility.

How can web page accessibility errors be fixed?

Digital accessibility is not only important for people with disabilities, but ultimately benefits everyone by making digital content more accessible. In doing so, you improve usability for all people.

Websites are often not barrier-free
Graphic for visual representation of barriers when visiting a website
These are very detrimental to people with visual impairments. Some of the most common errors are:
Software alone is often not enough

Many website accessibility verification tools can identify some issues, but are not able to fully capture the complexity of accessibility:

Graphic shows visually how a software - represented as a machine - tries to make a website accessible.
What is the cost of non-compliance with accessibility?
Person with magnifying glass in hand in front of a website

Is your website not yet accessible?

Then it's best to get in touch right away and have your own homepage checked free of charge with a BITV/WCAG quick test.

Free website check according to WCAG/BITV

Together for a barrier-free Internet - that's what we stand for. Simply enter your information in the adjacent form. You will receive your test report automatically via e-mail.

Your holistic solution for digital accessibility.

Eye-Able® enables website operators to create accessible websites quickly and efficiently. We offer effective solutions to implement accessibility while improving image and market opportunities.

NEW: Eye-Able® AI Tools




Simple language

Simple language AI

AI tool transforms complex content into easy-to-understand texts.

Ally AI assistant

Make your website accessible to everyone with Ally. Your AI assistant.
AI website translation tool

AI website translation

AI website translation: making content accessible worldwide.

Eye-Able® Audit

Your browser testing software for BITV and WCAG.

Eye-Able® Report

Your control center for digital accessibility:
This gives you an overview of everything.

Eye-Able® Assist

Improve your digital accessibility

Eye-Able® is a holistic digital accessibility provider.

Therefore, in addition to software services, we also offer tests according to BITV and WCAG as well as training courses and workshops on the topic of digital accessibility.

2 people sitting in front of a laptop

Free webinars on accessibility

Gain insights in our free webinars:

We would like to share our enthusiasm and experience in digital accessibility solutions. We offer free webinars several times a year in which we present our solutions and are happy to answer your questions.

Who benefits from digital accessibility

Basically, all users benefit from accessible content and barrier-free websites. However, there are some user groups that particularly benefit from accessibility.


1.2 million people with visual impairments in Germany

Of these, 1 million who are blind, 3 million have low vision after correction, and 8 million have low vision due to uncorrected refractive error.

*(World Health Organization as of 2009)


1.5 million people with cognitive disabilities

People with cognitive disabilities have serious difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions. The Eye-Able® features can help reduce cognitive load.
*(Destatis as of 2014)


As we age, the likelihood of developing eye disease increases

4.2 million Americans age 40 and older have uncorrectable vision impairment; this number is expected to more than double by 2050 due to the growing epidemics of diabetes and other chronic diseases and our rapidly aging U.S. population (CDC, 2022).


Almost every 10th man has a red-green weakness

Whenever information is communicated only through colors, barriers can arise. For example, error and success messages in red and green colors.

We offer individual consulting for the following areas:

With our solutions, you can easily move your organization forward in terms of digital accessibility.

Woman looking at laptop

Digital accessibility in public administration

Make sure you are digitally accessible to ensure all citizens, regardless of their physical, sensory or cognitive abilities, have full and equal access to your information and services. If your digital offerings are not accessible, people with disabilities will be categorically excluded and disadvantaged.

check Legal certainty
check Appreciation
check Equality
Over 10,000 websites are already accessible,
when will you be?
More and more executives are recognizing the benefits of an inclusive culture. By developing accessible websites, these companies have paved the way for an inclusive user experience and established themselves as pioneers in the field:

FC St. Pauli, 2nd German Bundesliga

"As part of the "Klartext" project, FC St. Pauli is taking the next important step. With the assistance software Eye Able, our homepage will be technically customizable by our visitors* in the future."

The University of Illinois, Chicago

"Eye-Able® enables all users to effectively use the Blackboard system by providing various visual adaptations, access to voice output, and many other accessibility solutions."

Eye-Able® News

The accessibility blog for your accessible content. We highlight current issues, legislation and new techniques for making content accessible to all.

Our vision

An Internet for all people

Our vision is shaped by managing director Oliver Greiner 's personal experience with people with disabilities. His best friend Lennart, who is now part of the team as a usability tester, sees about 10% due to a genetic vision disorder. This gives Oliver a direct connection to the problems that people with disabilities experience on websites every day. After his friend had to quit his studies because of his disability, he set himself the goal of finding a solution for the individual problems people have on websites every day.

The best friend of Oliver Greiner (CEO), Lennart, who is now part of the team as a usability tester, sees about 10% due to a genetic visual impairment. When he had to abandon his studies because of this, he set himself the goal of developing accessible websites.

Frequently asked questions about Eye-Able®

Who benefits from digital accessibility?
Digital accessibility improves the accessibility of your systems. This benefits not only people with disabilities. Older people and people from immigrant backgrounds can also better understand and experience your services.
Free consultation
How does the cooperation with Eye-Able® work?
The first step is to work with you to determine your digital accessibility potential. You are welcome to book a meeting with one of our experts for this purpose.
Free consultation
The initial accessibility consultation is always free.
The initial accessibility consultation is always free.
Free consultation
What advantages does digital accessibility offer me?
In addition to the legal framework, you set a clear signal for inclusion. This improves your external perception. This also results in search engine benefits for you.
Free consultation
What services does Eye-Able® offer?
Eye-Able® sees itself as a holistic service provider when it comes to digital accessibility. In addition to assistive technology and testing software, the team also tests according to the BITV standard. We impart knowledge through workshops and lectures on the subject.
Free consultation
How does the onboarding process work?
Once we determine your potential, we search for the appropriate accessibility services for your systems. The entire process is designed to be completely transparent.
Free consultation
Can I test the solutions free of charge?
You are welcome to fully test our software solutions. A 14-day trial period is available.
Free consultation
How easy is it to integrate the Eye-Able® services?
The integration of the wizard and the testing software can be done within a few minutes. For this, you do not have to change your system as much as possible, nor do you have to invest time in the installation.
Free consultation

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