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Simple language: making texts accessible.

Our AI-supported tool transforms complex content into easy-to-understand text so that everyone can understand it.

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What functions does the "Plain Language" tool have?

The Simple Language module aims to simplify texts in order to improve their readability. By using short sentences and comprehensible terms, the content is made accessible to a broad readership.
This tool was developed primarily to help users who have difficulties with complex language.

On the one hand, we offer the option of converting texts into simple language with the translator in the dashboard, and on the other hand, there is also the option of automatically converting entire websites and articles into simple language.

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Sample text

Plain language is a subtle process that aims to make texts accessible to a wide audience, especially those who have difficulty with complex language. Although it may seem simple at first glance, writing in plain language requires careful selection of words and sentence structures to ensure clarity without compromising the depth of information. The essence of plain language lies in limiting the length of sentences and using comprehensible terms while ensuring that the essential message of the text is retained. When writing in plain language, authors need to develop a deep understanding of their target audience in order to communicate complex concepts in a way that is easy to grasp yet informative. Thus, using plain language requires not only the ability to simplify content, but also a keen awareness of how to present information most effectively to a wide range of readers.

The aim of simple language

The aim of simple language is to make texts easier to understand for a broad target group. This includes people with learning disabilities, cognitive impairments, poor language skills or older people who may have difficulties with complicated text structures.
Easy-to-read language is a specially adapted form of language that aims to make texts easier to understand. This includes people with learning difficulties, cognitive impairments, poor language skills or older people who may have problems with complex text structures.

Rules of simple language:

These guidelines not only improve understanding, but also promote inclusion.

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Your advantages through simple language


Extended accessibility

Information becomes accessible to a wide range of people, including those with learning difficulties, older people and non-native speakers.


Optimization of the user experience

Texts in simple language are uncomplicated and easy to understand. This leads to a faster absorption of information, increases user satisfaction and can reduce the bounce rate


Enlargement of the target group

By writing content in simple language, it becomes accessible to a wider range of readers, including those who would otherwise be put off by complex texts. This can be particularly beneficial for educational, public information and commercial services.


More effective communication

Helps to reduce misunderstandings and optimize communication between providers and their audience. This saves time and resources as there is less need for clarification
Over 10,000 websites are already accessible,
when will you be?
More and more executives are recognizing the benefits of an inclusive culture. By developing accessible websites, these companies have paved the way for an inclusive user experience and established themselves as pioneers in the field:

FC St. Pauli, 2nd German Bundesliga

"As part of the "Klartext" project, FC St. Pauli is taking the next important step. With the assistance software Eye Able, our homepage will be technically customizable by our visitors* in the future."

The University of Illinois, Chicago

"Eye-Able® enables all users to effectively use the Blackboard system by providing various visual adaptations, access to voice output, and many other accessibility solutions."

Frequently asked questions about plain language

What exactly does the "plain language" tool do?
The "Simple Language" tool uses artificial intelligence to translate complex texts into a simpler, easier-to-understand form. It replaces difficult words with simpler alternatives and shortens long sentences to improve readability and accessibility for a wider audience.
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Is the tool available in several languages?
Currently, our tool is available for simplifying German texts. However, we plan to add support for English in the near future, with more languages to follow.
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How is the readability rating calculated?
The readability score is based on a combination of various recognized readability tests that analyze aspects such as word, sentence and syllable length. We calculate the average of these tests to give a score between 0 and 100, with 100 being the highest readability.
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Can I test the tool free of charge?
You are welcome to test our software solution extensively. Simply arrange a free consultation.
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Can I integrate the tool on my own website?
Yes, our tool can be integrated into your website with just a few lines of code. Visitors can then convert the text on your site into plain language with a single click, increasing accessibility and user-friendliness.
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Is it possible to make manual adjustments to the simplified texts?
Yes, after the automatic simplification by our AI, you can make manual adjustments. This allows you to further refine the text and ensure that it meets your requirements.
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What about Privacy Policy when using the tool?
Privacy Policy is a top priority for us. All texts processed by our tool are subject to strict data protection guidelines to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data.
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