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Accessible design in web and print

Accessibility as a new design standard

Accessible design for your organization

A barrier-free brand presence not only provides you with new target groups, but also has a positive effect on the perception of your organization.

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Accessible design is made for everyone

Icon shows accessibility figure

All people should be able to benefit from your services

Accessible design provides the basis for you to really reach all people. This includes not only the inclusion of people with disabilities, but also older people and people with a migration background benefit from accessibility and accessible design.

Implementation of accessible documents for your organization

Creation and verification of accessible documents (e.g. PDFs)

Inclusive consulting and workshops possible

Accessible design of brand documents and PDFs

Accessible PDFs, accessible presentations or websites: The range of media that can be designed barrier-free is extensive. We can help you give your brand an inclusive presence. We are happy to support you in the creation process. Testing of documents (for example, according to WCAG standards) is possible.

Feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation regarding accessible design.

Our services in the area of accessible design

Our services in the area of accessible design include the creation and testing of PDFs. We are also happy to work with you on the preparation of accessible presentations, for example in PowerPoint. In addition, we provide workshops and topics in this area. 

Workshop on accessible design on the web

Learn the basics of accessible digital media according to WCAG. 


Web applications

Processing of the topic live on a case

Handout on the results

Remote also possible

Workshop on barrier-free design in the print sector

Analog media can also be designed to be barrier-free. We'll show you how to make it happen.

Accessible colors

Accessible font design

Accessible media formats

Handout on the results

Remote also possible

Project support

We are happy to accompany your digital projects with regard to various accessible design aspects.


Web applications


Classic print media

Accessible PDFs & Presentations

You would like to create accessible documents and presentations for your companies or have them tested? We are happy to support you.

Accessible PDFs: creation and testing

Accessible presentations: Creation and test

Appealing and technical barrier-free brand documents

Advantages due to barrier-free design

Show that your company thinks inclusively: By making your brand presence accessible, you show that all people can be a part of your brand. Without ifs and buts.

First Legal basis

Second Larger target group

Thirdly Clear sign to the outside

Fourth Fundamental Important


Our accessibility experts will be very happy to contact you. Together we can make your information accessible to all. 

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