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Data protection is very important to us at Eye-Able . We do everything we can to protect our user data and ensure full compliance with the GDPR (read more in the article "Focus on data protection"). However, we understand if you don't want to have any outgoing connections to other servers on your website. Eye-Able can therefore also be hosted on your own web server without any loss of functionality. The only disadvantages are a loss of managed mode, i.e. configuration changes have to be made by yourself, and the omission of automatic updates. If you decide to host it on your own server, however, we will be happy to send you an updated version on a regular basis.

For hosting on your own web server, you need to be able to upload directories (e.g. FTP access). Carry out the following steps:

  1. First, let our support know that you would like to host Eye-Able at your site. We will then send you the necessary files. You can also find the files in the Eye-Able-Dashboard in the assistance software area.
  2. Unpack the files locally.
  3. Download your individual Javascript config file from our server (see variant 1 of the integration) or ask our support for it.
  4. Upload the public directory with the Eye-Able assets and the config file (if not defined inline) to any location on your web server. Important are the URLs where the public directory, the eyeAble.js (in the folder public/js) and your configuration file are located. Let's assume in the following the path is: "".
  5. Change the src URL of the Eye-Able inclusion in your header accordingly:

(Optional from version 1.9.70) Add a new key "pluginPath" to the Eye-Able configuration with the path to the Eye-Able public directory. It doesn't matter if the configuration is loaded inline in the header or as a file.

7. (Optional) If you include Eye-Able via the javascript file with "Reload on click", adjust the two variables "eA_path" and "eA_configPath" here so that they point to the public folder and config on your web server respectively.

Shows the code variables to adjust to the local path.

Eye-Able now runs for their website via their web server!

To update, simply overwrite the previous "public" folder with that of the new version.

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