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Eye-Able goes overseas! The University of Illinois, Chicago uses our software

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Eye-Able goes overseas! The University of Illinois, Chicago uses our software

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We are very pleased to announce that Eye-Able Assist has been added to the Blackboard learning system of the renowned University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC) ! This collaboration came about as a result of a successful meetings at one of the largest education fairs in the USA, the Educause 2022 Conference, between UIC Technology Solutions and one of our founders, Eric Braun.

At Eye-Able , we are passionate about making education accessible to all. Our innovative software solution, Eye-Able Assist, is an effective tool for improving digital accessibility. It enables all users totos Blackboard-system of UIC effectively by providing various visual adjustments such as contrast and font size adjustment as well as access to voice output and many other accessibility solutions.

We are very proud that the UIC is has chosen for Eye-Able Assist as the digital accessibility tool for the Blackboard Lernsystem and has thus taken an important an important step in the direction of inclusion.has taken. We firmly believe that education should be accessible to all.e and UIC's commitment encourages us toto make this a reality.

UIC provides students with accessible academic technology. While they the "Blackboard Ally" to provide alternative document formats in digital courses., Eye-Able Assist meets a specific need for various course content.

We hope that in the future more universities follow UIC's lead and integrate digital accessibility tools to create equal opportunities for all. Our team is highly motivated to work with more institutions to provide accessible solutions that support people with disabilities.

We would like to thank UIC for choosing Eye-Able Assist as your digital accessibility tool.t. We are looking very much to working withhr and other institutions to make education accessible to all!

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