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With our solutions, you can easily move your business forward in terms of digital accessibility. By creating an accessible online experience, you show commitment to an inclusive work environment and that you are ready to accommodate all users.

Increase your accessibility

With our solutions, you can easily move your business forward in terms of digital accessibility.


Increase your accessibility

Accessibility in companies

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These companies increase their accessibility with Eye-Able


How can the lack of accessibility to websites be addressed?

For visually impaired people, the Internet is a challenge. For them, the lack of website accessibility is a barrier that severely affects their online experience. However, this problem affects not only the users, but also the website providers themselves.


Eye-Able test free of charge after webinar participation.

Many websites have serious accessibility deficiencies.

These are very detrimental to people with visual impairments. Some of the most common errors are:

❌ Unstructured content
❌ Non-operable forms
❌ Insufficient contrasts
❌ No alternative texts for images

Most software solutions are often not optimal.

Many website accessibility verification tools can identify some issues, but are not able to fully capture the complexity of accessibility:

❌ Inaccurate or superficial results
❌ Neglect of usability
❌ No user-friendly and intuitive operation
❌ No continuous monitoring and updating

What is the cost of non-compliance with accessibility?

Loss of customers and business opportunities: When a website is not accessible, it excludes visually impaired users and others with disabilities.

Damage to reputation and image: Companies that neglect digital accessibility risk damage to their reputation and image.

Legal consequences:

Some countries have laws and regulations that govern website accessibility.

Rework: If a website has not been developed barrier-free from the beginning, rework and adjustments are necessary.

Eye-Able offers innovative solutions for digital accessibility.

Eye-Able enables website owners to quickly and efficiently create accessible websites that provide an inclusive experience for all users. We offer effective solutions to implement accessibility while improving image and market opportunities.

Our digital accessibility solutions for you

Eye-Able Assist
  • Image description Over 25 functions for digital accessibility
  • Image description Easy integration into all HTML based interfaces
  • Image description GDPR-compliant integration via own server or Eye-Able-EU CDN network

Eye-Able Audit

  • Image description On-the-fly testing software for online systems according to WCAG guidelines
  • Image description Unlimited number of licenses, no crawling limits
  • Image description Test report export to all common formats possible (CSV, XLS, JSON)

Eye-Able Report

  • Image description Admin dashboard for analysis of current compliance status
  • Image description Regularly checks your systems for WCAG compliance
  • Image description Evaluation of your PDFs according to current standards (WCAG and PDF/UA)

Workshops & Tests

We also offer tests according to BITV and WCAG conformity, as well as trainings and workshops around the topic of digital accessibility.

More than 2000 cities, universities, counties, companies and associations use Eye-Able.

Our inclusive network of socially progressive companies, organizations and governments continues to grow. More and more leaders are recognizing the benefits of an inclusive culture. Digital participation and inclusion have become an integral part of modern corporate cultures.


Eye-Able test free of charge after webinar participation

Adler Mannheim ice hockey

The topic of inclusion is rightly ubiquitous, and has justifiably received more attention in recent years. The integration of people with disabilities is not limited to the analog world, but has long since reached the digital world as well. Thus, it is now also possible on our homepage to make various settings for the readability and audibility of the content by means of assistance software.

aisys media GmbH

For those who can read very poorly or not at all, a screen reader is a real blessing. This reads aloud the texts included in TEDME. This can be operated via the mouse or the keyboard. They can regulate both the speed and the volume themselves.

MGH Munich Business Park and Technology Center

DO IT! Company Event Management and Sponsoring

Bertelsmann BKK

H&L Kitchen Design



These companies are already accessible,
when will you be?

By developing accessible websites, these companies have paved the way for an inclusive user experience and established themselves as pioneers in the field.


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