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Digital accessibility as a sign of good corporate governance

Woman in wheelchair in a meeting

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Woman in wheelchair in a meeting

Digital accessibility as a sign of good corporate governance

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Woman in wheelchair in a meeting

Good corporate governance also means practicing digital accessibility. Its implementation is not only practical, but also moral. There is simply no way to participate in modern society without having access to and using technology. Those who are prevented from using the technology experience multiple socioeconomic disadvantages. Nowadays, many processes in the field of education and also work, take place in the digital space.


More than one billion people live with some form of disability. That's nearly 15 percent of the population. The fact is that anyone can be affected by a disability during their lifetime, and it can result in their entire life being turned upside down - affecting their ability to work and interact with technology as they were able to before.


Integrating accessibility into technology is not a niche topic. It is a moral imperative and can be of great benefit to businesses. In addition, the implementation of digital accessibility by July 2025, through the European Accessibility Act, is also required by law.

The road to digital accessibility is still long

The current state of accessibility on websites in Germany still leaves a lot to be desired. This is also shown by a recent test by Aktion Mensch and Google with the support of BITV-Consult and the Pfennigparade Foundation. Here, 78 of the most visited company websites in Germany that have an e-commerce web store were examined for their inclusive design.


The result of the investigation: 

More than 75% of the examined pages were not accessible without barriers.


The lack of accessibility on the Internet is also illustrated by the following statistics:

Internet accessibility statistics

Digital accessibility means diversity

In a society that celebrates diversity and plurality, the importance of digital accessibility is critically relevant. The diversity that makes up our society is also reflected in different abilities, backgrounds, and needs.


Digital accessibility ensures that everyone, regardless of physical or cognitive ability, has equal access to the digital resources that are so central to information, communication and participation today. It promotes an inclusive society in which people are able to actively participate, express themselves, and realize their full potential without being limited by unnecessary barriers in the digital space.


A company that provides digital accessibility solutions shows that it is moving with the times. Last but not least, it also sets an example for the inclusion of all people.

Inclusion for better business

Technology and the digital environment are the cornerstones of innovation and growth in society. Therefore, the provision of accessible technologies will be indispensable for companies in the future. The benefits of digital inclusion are numerous: For example, the general external perception of a company is improved and the reach of a company is also increased.


"Accenture" has studied the business impact of companies that have been leaders in the inclusion of people with disabilities. Here, the numbers speak for themselves: these companies generated 28% higher sales, a twice the net profit and 30 % better profit margins.


There are a number of reasons for this. Employees are happier when they work for an inclusive company, and they are less likely to take their skills elsewhere. Meanwhile, one in three consumers only buys from brands that they believe do good for society and the environment. In practical terms, accessibility is a prerequisite for Google SEO, and the more accessible your website is, the more potential customers it can reach.


We at Eye-Able® will continue to advocate for digital accessibility in the future in order to break down barriers and promote equality. We are happy to welcome all other comrades-in-arms who accompany us on this journey.Only together can we create a world in which all people can participate, and that is the goal we are pursuing.

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With over 25 functions for digital accessibility, Eye-Able also helps you to reduce your barriers in the long term. In this way, you make your information accessible to all and do not exclude any visitors - in short: you tap into a new target group without high marketing volumes.

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