Accessibility remains in play - SC Freiburg uses Eye-Able

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Soccer stadium in the background. Logo of SC Freiburg in the foreground.

As of now sind the SC Freiburg and Eye-Able in the same team! We are very happy about the cooperation, because it zeightens commitment for accessibility seitens of the Club a ndnd helps thiss topic further in fußball in football. The partnership offers partnership offers the opportunity to improve the quality of disabilityThe partnership offers the opportunity to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities while making the sport more accessible.

SC Freiburg is a professional soccer club from Germany and plays in the Bundesliga. Through the partnership with Eye-Able , from now on all interested parties the opportunity to customize the club's website to their to their individual needs adapt. For this are now over 25 accessibility functions are now availableprovided.

The soccer club is among other things for its dedicated and passionate fan base. knownwho supportm faithfully through thick and thin. The is but not all he has done to make a name for himself.. Already in the past himself here very much for social responsibility and charitable projects projects. Thereby they are in 2019 they took an interesting step. The association wanted to do more to integrate people with disabilities in sports and was looking for innovative ways to achieve this. Since then, they have been using a system provided, that enables blind and visually impaired people to follow the course of the game via audio description via headphones. In this way will be all fans more into the gameinvolved in the game und can the Svoltage in real time witherience. This offer was a great success and has since been used at every home game of the club.

Soccer is a sport that is all about community and team spirit. We are therefore even more pleased to be able to SC Freiburg, we are all the more pleased to be able to set another example for inclusion.- and raise awareness for people with disabilities. to can do. Together, we can make sports more accessible and ensure that no one is excluded. As far as that is concerned, we remain of course continue to be on the ball and put exclusion on the bench!

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