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20 years of OXID eSales AG - We were there!

Speaker at lectern, talking about Eye-Able.

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Speaker at lectern, talking about Eye-Able.

20 years of OXID eSales AG - We were there!

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Speaker at lectern, talking about Eye-Able.

Freiburg im Breisgau - October 19, 2023 marked a special milestone - the 20th anniversary of OXID eSales. Many of the company's partners and customers were there, including. Eye-Able®.

A look back and into the future

The anniversary of OXID eSales was not only an occasion to celebrate the successes of the last 20 years, but also to look ahead to the future. The CEO of OXID spoke about the future developments of the company and emphasized the importance of the long-term partnerships that have led to this success.

Networking and exchange

The event not only offered an insight into the future of OXID, but also the opportunity to make valuable contacts. OXID partners and customers took the opportunity to exchange experiences and initiate new business relationships.

The importance of accessibility

A highlight of the day was for us the contribution from Dr. Oliver Charles. He emphasized the importance of digital accessibility and how companies can benefit from this development. He also also presented Assist tool from Eye-Able® which is also provided by OXID and which helps to make digital content more accessible for people with disabilities.

The anniversary of OXID eSales was above all an outlook into a promising digital future and an exciting opportunity for us to make new contacts. Accessibility is not only a legal obligation, but also a way to ensure that digital content is accessible to all. The partnership between OXID and Eye-Able® is an important step towards making digital inclusion the norm.

Simple for all

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With over 25 functions for digital accessibility, Eye-Able also helps you to reduce your barriers in the long term. In this way, you make your information accessible to all and do not exclude any visitors - in short: you tap into a new target group without high marketing volumes.

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