Secure your legal framework.

WCAG testing for your Digital accessibility

WCAG testing for websites and apps.

WCAG tests confirm your current state of digital accessibility. We support you in implementing your compliance.

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Testing site for WCAG and accessibility.

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WCAG testing for your digital products.

Several years of experience in the field of WCAG testing & accessibility

Prepared transmission of the results

Evaluation workshop possible

WCAG compliance is legal for many organizations.

Many public bodies are already required to create accessible digital content according to WCAG. We help you meet your obligations.

Feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation regarding WCAG testing and testing procedures.

Our services in the area of WCAG testing

Our services in the area of WCAG include classical testing as well as workshops, seminars and training courses on the topic. This way, you not only make your website accessible according to WCAG, but also bundle this knowledge in your company.


We check your digital products according to the WCAG standard. In doing so, we show you possible weaknesses as well as practical approaches to solutions.


Web applications

Detailed test report with solutions

Handout on the results

Individual advice

We are happy to advise you in advance of a WCAG test and explain in advance the tools and techniques needed to pass WCAG tests.

Individually tailored to you


With expert knowledge

Remote also possible

Introductory workshop

This workshop serves to sensitize your employees to the topic and to record initial findings. 

Introduction to digital accessibility

Target groups

First approaches

Test procedure

Duration: 2 hours

Developer Workshop

Here, your digital systems are tested live, together with your developers.

Short intro to the topic

"Hands-On" Approach

Practical tips

Directly convertible

Duration: about 4 hours

Developer*s seminar

Tools, tips and tricks provide the basis of this seminar for developers.

Introduction to test procedures

Implementation directly in the seminar

Best practices in WCAG

Tool overview and course materials

Duration: approx. 2 days

Advantages through WCAG testing


Legal basis


Results - fast and understandable


Website and app testing


Consulting around test & implementation

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Our accessibility experts will be very happy to contact you. Together we can make your information accessible to all. 

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