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Digital accessibility doesn't have to be complicated. You'll improve your visibility, show that inclusion is a reality in your organization, and make it easier to comply with standards. Accessibility services include assistance software and testing software for WCAG, as well as tools for your employees' workstations. Start today with your free website check and find out what potential is waiting for you.

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Partners in acessibility: SoftwareONE and Eye-Able.

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#1 Accessibility Solution: Eye-Able

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Many organizations and companies are required by international and national laws to make their digital systems accessible. The Eye-Able service supports you in complying with your legal framework.

Eye-Able 's Accessibility Service supports you in promoting inclusion in your organization, both internally and externally. Whether it's equipping websites with assistance software, testing web interfaces for compliance with legal regulations, or equipping employees in the workplace - we will accompany you on your way. We support you in the implementation of digital accessibility and compliance with BITV regulations. With our many years of experience in the area of accessibility and SoftwareONE's software expertise, you can take digital accessibility in your company to the next level: You will receive support to meet the legal requirements, set a good example and position your company as a pioneer in digital participation and inclusion.

Inclusion is a matter of the heart

The story of Eye-Able is shaped CEO Oliver Greiner and his personal relations with people with disabilities. His best friend Lennart sees less than 15% due to a genetic vision disorder and understands firsthand how inaccessible the digital world can be. After Lennart had to drop out of university because of his disability, Oliver set out to create a solution for the multitude of problems people encounter on websites every day.



After more than five years of research, interviews, and eye-tracking analyses conducted with people with varying disabilities from all age groups, a list of problems commonly found in the operation of websites was determined, and their possible solutions were drafted. The next step was to work with institutes for the blind to develop assistive technology to improve accessibility through individual adaptation of a web interface. Today, the Eye-Able team continues to work with people with visual impairments to improve the existing functions and to expand the range of functions available. 

Quick facts

GDPR & WCAG compliant

Over 1,000 organizations onboarded globally

Solutions based on scientific knowledge and developed with institutes for disabled people

WCAG compliance for your systems made easy with smart testing

Holistic digital accessibility services for all

Companies and organizations are required by US law to make their digital systems accessible. With Eye-Able solutions, you can easily comply with ADA, WCAG, and GDPR requirements.

Eye-Able’s accessibility services enable your organization to improve the accessibility of your web interfaces. SoftwareONE has partnered with Eye-Able to bring you these incredible solutions designed to create a more equitable digital environment. 

Our goal is to work with you to implement digital accessibility and assist you in complying with current legal regulations. Eye-Able has taken a holistic approach, building a solution that can be individualized to each user’s disabilities.

Eye-Able® Assistance software for web interfaces

The user-centric part is the Eye-Able® assistance software that is integrated into digital products to improve accessibility. With over 25 functions such as contrast modes, screen readers, adaptive magnification or color blindness filters, users can visually adapt content to their own needs. Our principle is that everyone should be able to use an online system that is adapted to their individual needs. The software itself can also be adapted to your system in terms of color scheme, range of functions, functionality and icons. This way you improve the accessibility of your systems.

Adaptation of the external appearance of the assistance software to the corporate design (logos, colors, icons)

25 features for better accessibility and usability

Developed with institutes for the blind and people with disabilities in Germany

Enables user groups to customize web interfaces to meet individual needs (e.g., website, intranet, platforms, web apps)

Demo & free trial

Accessibility solutions should always be user-oriented. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to extensively test accessibility solutions. We will be happy to equip your systems with test licenses so that you can convince yourself of the advantages that will result for you.

Contact us for an introduction to the service and how you can improve your digital accessibility. We'll also be happy to get in touch with you.

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The Offering


The assistance software is available for a three-month free trial 


Benefit from 4 hours of free consulting on your compliance


Free equipment for your employees and students - for as long as you want!


Free compliance test of your website

Success Stories

University of Vienna


Numerous companies and organizations are already recognizing the benefits that Eye-Able offers them: web interfaces designed inclusively, employees supported in their work, and websites and apps that can be checked for legal compliance on the fly.

Forward-thinking companies like Hays and organizations like the University of Vienna are already using Eye-Able software solutions, along with over 15 million additional users worldwide.

National paralympic committee germany

“In order to get closer to the goal of digital participation and accessibility, the German Disabled Sports Association is now offering the Eye-Able® assistance software on its website. The Eye-Able® assistance software enables visitors to freely adapt all content according to their own needs. With over 25 functions such as contrast modes, adaptive enlargement or color weakening filters, users can visually adapt content to their own needs. The principle: everyone should be able to use an online system tailored to their individual needs. Web interfaces should therefore be able to be individualized in such a way that everyone can access them.”

National paralympic committee germany  

Reduce complexity

Easy integration and implementation. No expertise required.

Compliance and​​ Trust​​

Assist with compliance with national and international laws and regulations.

Single Solution for digital accessibility​

Accessibility solutions tailored for companies, direct from SoftwareONE. Available for external and internal websites.  

Contact us to get an introduction to the service and learn how you can improve your digital accessibility.

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Our accessibility experts will be very happy to contact you. Together we will make your information accessible to all. 

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Our statement on accessibility at the push of a button:

Automatic adaptation of code, for example by means of AI, cannot currently promise accessibility according to BITV. In our opinion, digital accessibility should be promoted by people for people. This is what our tools are designed for. Here read more about the topic.