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Game over without inclusion: accessibility in video games

A person sits in front of a television and plays video games.

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A person sits in front of a television and plays video games.

Game over without inclusion: accessibility in video games

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A person sits in front of a television and plays video games.

The first console was invented back in 1972. And people have been playing games all over the world ever since. Playing video games has always had the following main goals: To entertain and bring people together.


Today, gaming is an integral part of society and a social aspect that has become indispensable. After all, "gaming" is also part of social participation. The more people can participate and play together, the more fun it is. That's why we asked ourselves the question: What is actually being done to increase accessibility in gaming?

Gaming community as drivers of change

The gaming sector has made enormous progress in recent years in making games accessible to everyone. The focus here is on accessibility in order to support players with different abilities equally.

The gaming community can play a crucial role in promoting accessibility, as video games occupy a not insignificant place in the modern world. They have become part of everyday life. Through discussions on forums, social media and direct feedback to developers, gamers are helping to draw attention to existing issues and effect positive change.

Including features in games

Modern video games are increasingly incorporating accessibility features to appeal to a broader player base. For example, many games offer options for subtitles, colorblindness support, adjustable font sizes and configurable control options. This allows people with different needs to experience games in a way that meets their individual requirements.

Developers focus on accessibility

Many game developers recognize the importance of accessibility and are actively committed to making their games from the ground up accessible for aller accessible from the ground up. By sharing best practices and integrating feedback from the community, developers are striving to make their games more accessible.*here to break down barriers and minimize obstacles.

Gaming hardware included

The hardware industry is also responding to the needs of different players. There are now special controllers for various games consoles that allow individual adaptation of the controls. This can make things easier for people with motor impairments, for example. Companies are also working on developing alternative input devices to cover the diversity of needs.


The efforts of developers, hardware manufacturers and the gaming community are helping to open up the world of video games to everyone - regardless of individual abilities and limitations.

Despite the progress made, there are of course still challenges to overcome. Not all games are equally accessible, and many solutions can still be improved. However, current developments within the gaming world promise an even more inclusive and diverse future in which every person has the opportunity to experience the fascinating world of gaming without limitations.

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