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Celebrate barrier-free: About inclusive events

Shadows of people celebrating under a rainbow.

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Shadows of people celebrating under a rainbow.

Celebrate barrier-free: About inclusive events

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Shadows of people celebrating under a rainbow.

Just in time for the weekend, we want to publish an article about barrier-free events to publish. Many people spend their weekend partying or attending events of all kinds. Dt's all about one thing: community. In our modern societywhich is characterized by diversity, the importance of inclusion and accessibility is increasingly being recognized. These values should not only be practiced in everyday life, but also at events.festivals and events.


Celebrating together is best when everyone can have fun. That's why we've identified a few points that should be considered when planning.

Inclusive venue

Inclusive planning is the first step towards barrier-free celebrations. Organizer*organizers should consider the needs of all guests from the outset. This includes the selection of accessible venues, wide passageways for wheelchair users*wheelchair usersaccessible toilets and sufficient seating for guests with different mobility requirements.

Barrier-free communication

Communicationespecially via the internet, plays a crucial role in creating an inclusive environment. Organizers*organizers should ensure that relevant information is available in different formats, such as easy language or sign language. Clear signposts and instructions can improve orientation for all guests improve.


Of course, the software solutions from Eye-Able® can also provide support here.

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Create places of retreat

Barrier-free celebrations also mean catering to the sensory needs of guests. Opportunities for quiet or "chill-out areas" should be created to offer guests a place to retreat, as it contributes to a relaxed get-together for everyone.

Inclusion at events not only has advantages for people with disabilities. It promotes a sense of community for everyone and together we have the most fun. Accessible celebrations are not just about overcoming physical barriers, but also about creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Awareness of the needs of all guests and the willingness to take appropriate measures promotes a positive and communal experience for everyone.

Simple for all

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