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The Eye-Able® blog serves as a source of inspiration and is intended to offer everyone the opportunity to address the topic of digital accessibility - free of charge. We highlight current topics, laws and new technologies to make content accessible for all.

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A server can be seen. Here, various cables are plugged into the plugs provided.
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Installing the software

The Eye-Able software is integrated via a script-Tag at any position of the web page, usually in the header. In order not to reduce the page speed of the

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Michaela can be seen in the picture. She is being interviewed at the moment.

We are on TV!

The Bayerischer Rundfunk, BR, was visiting us. Eye-Able is now to be seen in the public broadcasting. We feel honored! As part

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This picture shows a server room in blue light.
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What does managed hosting mean?

The Eye-Able software has the principle that a website does not have to adapt to the assistance software, but the software adapts to the website.

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