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Our assistance software improves the accessibility of your digital products. Users have access to over 25 digital accessibility features.

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The assistance software trusted by over 1,500 companies

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Eye-Able Assistance software for web interfaces

The user-centric part is the Eye-Able® assistance software that is integrated into digital products to improve accessibility. With over 25 functions such as contrast modes, screen readers, adaptive magnification or color blindness filters, users can visually adapt content to their own needs. Our principle is that everyone should be able to use an online system that is adapted to their individual needs. Web interfaces should therefore be able to be customized so that everyone has access. This improves the accessibility of the system in the long term.

Adaptation of the external appearance of the assistance software to the corporate design (logos, colors, icons)

25 features for better accessibility and usability

Developed with institutes for the blind and people with disabilities in Germany

Enables user groups to customize web interfaces to meet individual needs (e.g., website, intranet, platforms, web apps)

Simple improvement of accessibility

Many of your current accessibility efforts need to be constantly monitored and tested to promote digital participation. This is mandatory, of course, but beyond that you can achieve quick results with assistance software.

Before and after comparison

Advantages of our assistance software

Basically, all users benefit from accessible content and barrier-free websites. The use of Eye-Able® as assistance software and the resulting improved usability create advantages that all your users perceive directly. Nevertheless, there are some user groups that particularly benefit from accessibility.


Functions for people with visual impairment

Many errors in the operation and perception of web interfaces are due to poor contrast or too small fonts. Eye-Able® allows you to enlarge the view individually without changing or distorting the layout of the website. without changing or distorting the layout of the website. Contrasts can be adjusted according to your own needs from the entire color spectrum. Images and other graphic elements are hidden to reduce the content. Not or only or poorly perceivable content can be read aloud with the read aloud function or can be targeted with the keyboard.


Functions for people with color deficiency

Red-, green- and blue-blindness lead to problems in the recognition of color differences in certain contrasts. As a result, information is often information is often overlooked or interactive elements are less well perceivable. Intelligent algorithms shift the color spectrum depending on the and intensity settings to make color differences more visible for the people concerned. people better visible.


Functions for people with cognitive disabilities

For people with cognitive disabilities, such as dyslexia, too many items can be a barrier. Likewise, letters characters and lines in text may be too close together to be seen clearly. Eye-Able® not only hides distracting graphical content, but also makes it possible to read and but also makes it possible to individualize texts in terms of word, character and and line spacing to make them easier to read.


Functions for older people

Society is aging, and with it the number of age-related visual visual diseases. However, we are experiencing a change: More and more older people are using digital content and encountering barriers in the process. One problem are misclicks that lead to a loss of orientation. Eye-Able® counteracts this with a an enlarged mouse pointer and general magnification.

Functions for people with visual impairment

Many errors in the operation and perception of web interfaces are due to poor contrast or fonts that are too small. Eye-Able® makes it possible to enlarge the view individually without changing or distorting the layout of the website. Contrasts can be adjusted according to the user's needs from the entire color spectrum. Images and other graphic elements are hidden to reduce the content. Content that is not or only poorly perceptible can be read aloud with the read aloud function or targeted with the keyboard.

Functions of the assistance software

Simplicity is in our DNA: Our tools are both very easy to use and easy to integrate. The focus is always on optimal usability for users.

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Font adjustments

Content can be greatly enlarged without breaking your layout. Word spacing, character spacing, and line spacing can also be adjusted. This is an easy way to improve your readability.

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Contrast adjustments

The wizard gives users the option of freely selecting contrasts. Brightness differences between font and background color are essential for the perception of texts.

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Read aloud function

Users can have the entire website read aloud, move from element to element, as well as have selected sections of the website read aloud by touching them with the mouse.

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Over 25 functions in total

In total, the assistant offers over 25 functions related to digital accessibility.

"Eye-Able® improves our digital systems - no ifs, ands or buts."

"The diverse possibilities of Eye-Able® have convinced us. For years, we only optimized parts of our pages. Now we can comprehensively offer people with disabilities new access and also provide assistance with milder impairments."

Johannes Schenkel

Public Relations Diocese of Würzburg

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Over 2,000 customers

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Over 10,000 integrations

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3 Million

people a month use our software solutions.

Logo of St. Pauli soccer club, showing church in circle

FC St. Pauli

2nd German Bundesliga

Within the project "Klartext" FC St. Pauli is taking the next important step. With the assistance software Eye Able, our homepage will be technically customizable by our visitors in the future. 


By taking the step of making the FC St. Pauli homepage technically customizable, FC St. Pauli is taking the next important step in making its communication with fans and members more accessible.

"Logo of the soccer club Werder Bremen. shows a big W in a rhombus

Werder Bremen

1st German Bundesliga

Small symbol, big effect. SV Werder Bremen improves the accessibility of its official website with the help of the assistance software "Eye-Able". From now on, visitors to WERDER.DE can use over 25 functions via an icon on the right-hand side of the screen to adapt the website to their individual visual needs.

The tool can be used, for example, to change contrast modes, set adaptive magnification, or activate color-weakening filters. Werder fans with very different visual abilities can thus use the site in a more customized way. 1.2 million people in Germany alone are considered to have impaired vision. A number that is continuing to grow rapidly, partly due to the aging society.

Logo diocese of Cologne, shows church

Archdiocese of Cologne

Largest diocese in Germany

The website of the Archdiocese of Cologne is now technically accessible. This applies to both the desktop view and the mobile application on smartphones and tablets. "The website was already barrier-free in the early 2000s. Now we have a situation where we have technically realized a high level of accessibility," says Wolfgang Koch-Tien, an officer in the IT department of the Archdiocese of Cologne and responsible for the technical infrastructure of the websites. In the near future, the function will also be made available for many other websites of the archdiocese.

Here's what your journey to digital accessibility could look like

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Step 1

Test directly or have a consultation: Both are possible.

Our experts will evaluate your current accessibility status and show you potential areas for improvement in a short 15-minute call. Otherwise, you are also welcome to test the assistance software fully for 14 days.

Do I incur liabilities with the call?


Our 15-minute consultation call is non-binding and is only intended to show you your potential for improvement.

Step 2

We will send you your individual offer and, if required, a test license.

After we have determined your potential, we will create a personalized offer according to your needs.

Do I already receive support when integrating the trial license?

If you decide to test the software, our service team will of course help you with the first steps with your new test software....

Step 3

You will reach a new level of accessibility.

Our accessibility service helps you achieve your digital participation and accessibility goals.

How long is your contract period?

Our contract period is one year. 


3 Thousand

Websites use the Eye-Able® assistance software:

These companies are already part of the inclusive network - set a sign for inclusion and participation, too.

Over 1,500 companies, organizations and municipalities are already improving their digital accessibility with accessibility software from Eye-Able®. The network sets an example for inclusion and additionally facilitates access to its services and information. Everyone benefits from accessibility.

Your next steps to more digital participation and inclusion:

We will gladly support you

Frequently asked questions

We will be happy to help you with your questions about our assistance software.

Is the benefit of the software for users ensured?
The software is developed by people with disabilities together with us, we follow an inclusive development approach and put the users in the focus of the software. Thus, challenges in the operation of websites were researched in usability labs. This was the basis for the functional design. The solutions generated from the problems, such as the contrast mode, were then tested again scientifically. Today we can call various German institutes for the blind our partners, there our software is in daily use and provides important insights. Thus, we are constantly developing the assistance software further.
Test 14 days
How easy is the integration of the assistant?
You can integrate the assistance software within a few minutes and you don't need to customize your web interface for it. You will only receive a two-line code, which you have to copy and paste into the header area of the interface. The rest is done by the Eye-Able® team.
Test 14 days
Does the wizard affect the performance of a web interface?
The wizard has no negative impact on your performance. All scripts load asynchronously and can be customized on your part.
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How does the assistance software differ from the browser functionalities?
System-wide functions often not "accessible" for people with visual impairments. For example, the initial setting is hidden in submenus, which usually cannot be made without a human assistant. Browser and system-wide functions additionally cannot be perfectly adapted to a specific website. The assistance software, on the other hand, has a high degree of customization.
Test 14 days
Do users have to set the tool again and again?
Users do not have to constantly reset the wizard. After initial configuration, the information is stored in the LocalStorage on the browser side and is then directly applied again the next time the user visits a website. Eye-Able® Partners can become part of the inclusive network by sharing user configuration data via LocalStorage. This way, your customers experience your own website directly in the preferred view, which can increase your accessibility.
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Is the Accessibility Assistant BITV & DSGVO compliant?
The assistance software was designed in close exchange with a BITV expert, who himself was involved in the development of guidelines. The software is regularly tested for compliance with accessibility standards and BITV compliance was last confirmed at the end of March 2022. The assistance software is data protection compliant and has been tested for this several times. Through the various integration options, such as local hosting, you use the assistant without any outgoing connections.
Test 14 days
How do I incorporate the software into my site?
Basically, the wizard can be integrated into any system that can map JavaScript. You can integrate the code in the following ways:
● 1: Integration via Eye-Able-CDN (server in EU, DSGVO-compliant).
● 2: Dynamic reloading (content is only "reloaded" after clicking on software).
3: Local integration of the software - software is "installed" or stored on its own web server.
Test 14 days
How do affected individuals even recognize the software?
We developed the assistant together with people with disabilities (e.g., users with up to 5% residual vision). They determined the position, appearance, and usability of the software through interviews and test results. We are constantly improving the assistant through further research to ensure accessibility and useful new functions.
Test 14 days
Can I customize the software?
You can completely customize the Accessibility Assistant. Colors, icons and functionality can be customized to your use case and CI. This does not require any programming on your part.
Test 14 days
Can I install the wizard on my own servers?
You can host the wizard on your own servers. The effort for this is low: we send you your installation and configuration files, which you have to store and reference with two lines of code in the header.
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