Testing software for WCAG

With the Eye-Able® WCAG Checker you are able to perform initial tests regarding your current website accessibility yourself. The software also not only shows you your errors, but also tells you how to fix them.

Simple help for your legal compliance.

Doing the right thing has never been so easy.

Become a pioneer in your industry.

This software facilitates the implementation according to WCAG

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Testing software for your digital products

The Eye-Able® WCAG testing software aims to support the fulfillment of accessibility requirements in a simple way. The focus is on automated testing of websites according to accessibility standards. The testing software can be easily installed in the browser to evaluate digital systems. This gives your development team the ability to receive test reports with error output and pointers to the most common accessibility errors.

Automated testing of websites according to accessibility standards

Easy installation in the browser

Export of test reports with error output and instructions (MS Office compatible, also CSV and JSON)

Single content, complete web interfaces or multiple digital products can be tested

Error output with recommended action

Most accessibility efforts represent only a snapshot in time

Many of your current accessibility efforts need to be constantly monitored and tested to truly promote digital inclusion. This adds costs to making your website ecosystem as accessible as possible. 

The Eye-Able® WCAG Checker helps you to detect gross violations regarding the WCAG standards yourself.

Before and after comparison

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Save time and money when creating accessible websites

Through constant testing, you can reduce the cost of your website creation and constantly monitor accessibility even after it goes live.

Efficient testing of websites and digital products

Changes to website can be easily audited

Many WCAG 2.1 covered

Contrasts, structure and more

The WCAG Checker tests semi-automated in the following categories according to the WCAG standard:

Minimum contrasts

Missing alternative texts

Missing link texts

Missing labels

HTML error

Missing awards

Website with BITV error

Easy to use

The solution for your tests is simple - and cost-effective.

Make your efforts more efficient: Use the BITV Checker to make your digital products accessible to everyone. Check new content directly against the accessibility standards and create your own accessibility process.

✅ Reduce costs
✅ Promote participation
✅ Reach more visitors


How the Eye-Able® WCAG Checker efficiently improves your digital participation

The WCAG Checker checks your website's code against WCAG 2.1 standards. You can see which standards you're not quite meeting yet and fix your deficiencies easily and understandably with guidance.

Easily test your digital products against accessibility standards. With the Eye-Able® WCAG Checker.

Here's what your journey to digital accessibility could look like

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Step 1

Book a non-binding consultation.

Our experts evaluate your current state of accessibility and show you potential areas for improvement in a short 15-minute call.

Do I incur liabilities with the call?


Our 15-minute consultation call is non-binding and is only intended to show you your potential for improvement.

Step 2

We will send you your individual offer and if required a test license

After we have determined your potential, we will create a personalized offer according to your needs.

Do I already receive support when integrating the trial license?

Should you decide to test the software, our service team will of course help you with the first steps with your new test software.

Step 3

You reach a new level of accessibility

Our accessibility service helps you achieve your digital participation and accessibility goals.

How long is your contract period?

Our contract period is one year. 

These companies are already part of the inclusive network - set a sign for inclusion and participation, too.

Over 1,500 companies, organizations and municipalities are already improving their digital accessibility with accessibility software from Eye-Able®. The network sets an example for inclusion and additionally facilitates access to its services and information. Everyone benefits from accessibility.

Your next steps to more digital participation and inclusion:

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Frequently asked questions

We will be happy to help you with your questions about our assistance software.

Which testing steps does the testing software cover?
The WCAG checker checks your digital products for minimum contrasts between background and font color, among other things. Missing or too long alternative texts are also displayed. The same applies to link texts and labels. HTML errors and missing markups are also displayed.
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Which systems are testable?
The BITV/WCAG Checker can be used to test websites as well as all other web interfaces that can be called up in the browser.
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How can I install the testing software?
The installation is done via the browser. You can easily install the testing software via the extension store and store your license in the license menu.
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Do I receive tips for implementation in addition to error messages?
Our testing software also sees itself as a knowledge database. In addition to the errors, we always provide you with a recommended course of action as well as more in-depth information on the test step.
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For which browsers is the testing software available?
Currently, you can install the BITV/WCAG checker in Chrome. In the near future, the checking software will also be available for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
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What is the licensing process?
You always license the checking software for the domain you want to check. So you can also check all other subsites with a single license. Please let our support team know if you have multiple systems to be checked.
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Can I export the results?
You can easily export the test results. For this purpose, export for Microsoft applications, such as Excel, is available, as well as the creation of a machine-readable test report in JSON and the independent CSV data format.
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