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Together for an inclusive Offenbach am Main

Skyline of a city from which a river flows.

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Skyline of a city from which a river flows.

Together for an inclusive Offenbach am Main

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Skyline of a city from which a river flows.

From Würzburg, along the Main to Offenbach: the collaboration between Eye-Able® and the city of Offenbach sets new standards in terms of accessibility. The company Eye-Able® has committed to designing the city of Offenbach's websites in such a way that they are accessible to all people, regardless of their individual needs and abilities.


The initiative began recently and aims to intensify the efforts already made by the city of Offenbach. Especially with regard to the new Accessibility Reinforcement Act. According to Lord Mayor Dr. Felix Schwenke, the partnership with Eye-Able® is intended to ensure that the city's websites do not merely meet the legal requirements:


"Our aim with the municipal internet portal is to ensure that as many people as possible can use it well and easily (...). That is why we are continuously improving and expanding the website's functions."

Towards accessibility with Eye-Able®

The city of Offenbach is no stranger to the topic of inclusion. Last year, for example, the city took a pioneering step by revamping its website to not only make it more target group-oriented, but also to focus on accessibility.

Regina Preis, Managing Director of OSG (Offenbacher Stadtmarketinggesellschaft mbH) and Head of Corporate Communications at Stadtwerke, emphasizes the importance of this step:


"In the new website, we have (...) sharpened the color contrast in various design elements and in the navigation and enlarged the font. All of this helps people with and without visual impairments to read our pages better."


In addition to the city's previous efforts to improve accessibility this year, our "Eye-Able Assist®" tool was introduced. This assistance technology enables visitors to the city website to adjust colors, contrast and font, among other things, to suit their individual needs. Offenbach can now provide over 25 accessibility functions. The city is thus setting an example for digital accessibility and underlining its commitment to holistic accessibility.


"Basically,it is not possible to develop a design that makes it equally easy for everyone to read or find their way around a site," says Fabian El-Cheikh, also OSG Managing Director and Head of the Public Relations Office of the City of Offenbach. "People's requirements are simply too individual for that. That's why it's important for us to provide this assistant, which allows each person to customize the website according to their needs."


At Eye-Able®, we see ourselves as partners who are helping to create a more inclusive and accessible digital environment. Through innovative solutions such as "Eye-Able Assist®" we aim to set a higher overall standard for accessible web design.


The partnership with the city of Offenbach shows that accessibility is more than just a legal requirement. It is also a collaborative endeavor that improves the quality of life for people. And not just for some, but for all. Offenbach and Eye-Able® are going hand in hand on the road to an accessible digital future. This commitment to inclusion sets an inspiring example for other municipalities and companies, which hopefully many more will follow.

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