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Eye-Able Reaches the Rhine

Shows Cologne Cathedral

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Shows Cologne Cathedral

Eye-Able Reaches the Rhine

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Shows Cologne Cathedral

Eye-Able reaches new shores. From the hometown of Würzburg on the Main, off to the Rhine! As of now, the city of Cologne is doing its part and making its website a bit more accessible with the help of our assistance software. Wat es?!

Germany's fourth largest city now also has the the possibility to adapt its website to the individual needs of the users. individual needs. This is made possible with over 25 functions relating to accessibility. These include not only settings such as the activation of a blue filter or the intelligent change of the font size: There is also a read aloud function! also a read aloud function! You can decide for yourself whether you want the whole website or only a part of it should be read aloud. So the city takes a big step towards accessibility on the web!

By the way: Information on the operation and content of the website of the city of Cologne, are also available in simple language and also as a sign video with subtitles!

But to make life a little easier for people with disabilities, it's not enough just to make the Internet more accessible. Of course, something must also be done in real life. And here, too, the city of Cologne has not been idle in the past! Back in 2009, an action concept for Cologne's disability policy was unanimously adopted and has since been expanded several times: "Cologne overcomes barriers - A city for all". We think this is exactly the right motto! 

After all, more than 93,000 people with a recognized severe disability of over 50 percent live here. The action concept is intended to make life in the city easier for these people and, of course, for everyone else. Over 100 measures have been named for this purpose! 

But that's not all: In the beautiful city of Kölle, a brochure on the subject of accessibility has also been published since 2013. It is called "Cologne barrier-free". It contains a lot of useful information on topics such as work, mobility, housing and much more. Information about places of interest naturally also describes their accessibility. 

Let's take the well-known Lanxess Arena as an example. The brochure describes in pictures what is offered in terms of accessibility. It is accessible for wheelchair users and has an elevator. In addition, disabled toilets and parking spaces are provided. In addition to contact details, information on how to get there is also provided. All in all, "Köln barrierefrei" is a comprehensive guide to help everyone live more easily in the city.

The brochure is published in cooperation with Sozialverband Deutschland (SoVD) NW e. V. and the Cologne/Leverkusen/Erftkreis district association. It is available locally at various public institutions. These include Cologne's citizens' offices, community centers and also in welfare associations and their advice centers.

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With over 25 functions for digital accessibility, Eye-Able also helps you to reduce your barriers in the long term. In this way, you make your information accessible to all and do not exclude any visitors - in short: you tap into a new target group without high marketing volumes.

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