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The round has to go into the square - and inclusion has to go everywhere!

Shows a full soccer stadium in floodlight illumination

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Shows a full soccer stadium in floodlight illumination

The round has to go into the square - and inclusion has to go everywhere!

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Shows a full soccer stadium in floodlight illumination

Recently, Eye-Able also scored in sports. We are pleased to announce partnerships with three prominent soccer clubs: TSG Hoffenheim, SV Werder Bremen and FC St. Pauli. These partnerships are an important step for us! They take us a long way in our mission to bring accessibility into all areas of life. Soccer is a community sport and that's exactly why it should be accessible to everyone. 

We are therefore very pleased that TSG Hoffenheim, a Bundesliga club based in Sinsheim, among others, has teamed up with us. This means that from now on, audio-based solutions will be made available for their blind and visually impaired fans. This includes not only audio descriptions of the match action, but also audio versions of club-related news and information.

SV Werder Bremen is also on the team with us. The club, in addition to the cooperation with Eye Able, also offers participation in integrative soccer teams and training sessions in blind soccer. 

With these two clubs still not enough, FC St. Pauli from Hamburg, a club of the 2nd Bundesliga, has joined our mission. They too are now providing a range of technical solutions for their blind and visually impaired fans with the Eye Able tool. St. Pauli is also going further with accessibility. Here, for example, the "Klartext" project was launched. According to Michael Thomsen, CSR business manager at St. Pauli, this is intended to "...provide our fans and members with the opportunity to find out about our club and take part in what is happening...". 

We at Eye-Able are very pleased to have been able to work with these three clubs to make soccer a little more accessible. We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement in this sport. All in line with our in-house motto "Simply for everyone!". From us, exclusion gets the red card!

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