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Accessible Online Shopping! OXID eSales AG and Eye-Able® are partners

Illustrated shopping cart

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Illustrated shopping cart

Accessible Online Shopping! OXID eSales AG and Eye-Able® are partners

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Illustrated shopping cart

Nowadays, more and more processes take place online, including shopping, of course. However, not all people have the same opportunity to use online offers and this due to a lack of accessibility. That's why we are very happy to announce our partnership with OXID eSales AG! a leading company in the field of e-commerce solutions. This partnership marks an important step towards a more inclusive digital future.


In a world where almost everything is available online, e-commerce websites and platforms must be accessible to all users. This includes people with different abilities and impairments, from visual and hearing impairments to motor impairments, as well as the elderly. By making our services available at Eye-Able® kOXID eSales AG is now able to provide more than 25 functions that make online shopping more barrier-free and is thus well prepared for the new accessibility law that comes into force on June 28, 2025. Barrierefreiheitsstärkungsgesetz (BFSG).


About OXID eSales AG

OXID eSales AG is dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions. Its products and services are used by a wide range of companies to succeed in online commerce. The company has been in business for over two decades and is one of the leading e-commerce providers in the German-speaking region.


Dr. Oliver Charles, CSO at OXID, calls the partnership a big win: "With Eye-Able® we have gained the leading holistic provider for digital accessibility as a partner. This means we can offer all online retailers with OXID stores a complete and easy-to-integrate solution. Already now, inclusive stores are part of the good tone. In the next few years, it will be impossible to imagine online stores without accessible functions."


The partnership between Eye-Able® and OXID eSales AG is a big step towards a more inclusive digital world. We are proud to work with a company that shares our values and is committed to advancing e-commerce accessibility. Together, we can ensure that online commerce is accessible to all and that no one is excluded from the benefits of the digital age because of limitations.

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With over 25 functions for digital accessibility, Eye-Able also helps you to reduce your barriers in the long term. In this way, you make your information accessible to all and do not exclude any visitors - in short: you tap into a new target group without high marketing volumes.

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