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More accessibility in the municipality of Haßloch - With Eye-Able®

Painted apartment block.

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Painted apartment block.

More accessibility in the municipality of Haßloch - With Eye-Able®

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Painted apartment block.

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the municipality of Haßloch! This collaboration marks a significant step towards a more inclusive digital world and reflects both parties' shared commitment to accessibility.


Shared vision: Inclusion for all

The joy at Eye-Able® about the cooperation with the municipality of Haßloch is based on the shared vision of breaking down digital barriers and creating a more inclusive society. Eye-Able® contributes its advanced technologies in the field of digital accessibility to improve the usability of websites for all users.


The municipality of Haßloch has already proven in the past that its commitment to accessibility is convincing and sustainable. The municipality's previous projects, which focused on creating barrier-free environments, are exemplary. From barrier-free public spaces to inclusive events, Haßloch has shown that it is actively committed to meeting the needs of all citizens.


Eye-Able® and the municipality of Haßloch are focusing on innovation to improve the quality of life for all citizens. The tools developed by Eye-Able® not only enable an improved digital experience for people with disabilities, but for everyone.


The shared joy of this collaboration extends beyond the current success and shows that innovative partnerships can have a lasting impact. Together, Eye-Able® and the municipality of Haßloch are striving to overcome digital barriers and build an inclusive digital community.

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With over 25 functions for digital accessibility, Eye-Able also helps you to reduce your barriers in the long term. In this way, you make your information accessible to all and do not exclude any visitors - in short: you tap into a new target group without high marketing volumes.

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