Make website content customizable.
With Eye-Able®.

What can Eye-Able® do?

Choose colors easily.

Through a large number of interviews with people affected by visual impairments we were able to identify various contrast combinations that achieve the most accessible view possible. We provide our users with these combinations as options for background and font color. The optimum contrast can be created from a pre-selection of settings or from a selection of the color spectrum. These adjustments can be saved and applied to all other web pages with one click. 

Das Bild zeigt eine Google-Übersicht mit schwarzem Hintergrund, weißer Schrift und Lupenfunktion auf der Schrift. Der Schnell-Modus von Eye-Able wurde aktiviert.
Das Bild zeigt die Voreinstellungen des Konrtastmodus von Eye-Able. Hier sind zwischen 4 Voreinstellungen zu wählen.
Das Bild zeigt ein Farbauswahl-Fenster, das jede Farbe dieser Welt abbilden kann.

Use the adaptive zoom to magnify the font of a website without upsetting the basic design.

Freely adjust the font and background color for optimal contrast.

Have parts of the website or the entire page read to you. You also can choose, for example, to have only headlines and forms read to you.

Browse the contents of the website using only the keyboard.

It is easy to hide all images, animations and thus also advertisements. The sound can also be turned off as needed.

The mouse pointer is magnified and therefore more visible.

If individual areas are not sufficiently magnified, the magnifying glass function can be used to magnify them again.

Protects your eyes and ensures that your computer does not keep you awake.

The blue filter can be activated automatically according to the position of the sun or the time of day.

Adjustment of the colors of the complete website to compensate for color deficiencies (e.g. red/green).

Ensure a low-impact viewing experience with a night mode that intelligently adjusts the screen's contrasts and brightness.

Choose from several accessible fonts for better legibility.

Our software
in the showcase

In this video you will learn how Eye-Able® works, which functions are available and why you too will benefit from Eye-Able®.

Das Bild zeigt unser Tool auf einem Mobiltelefon. Der Hintergrund ist blau, die Schrift weiß und lautet "Live-Vorstellung der Software"
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Easy integration

You can integrate Eye-Able® into the following systems in just a few seconds:

For website owners: Make websites easy to individualizable. With Eye-Able®.

What users say about Eye-Able®:

Eye-Able® allows me to surf the Internet on my PC - with 10% residual vision, that' s something not taken for granted.

Lennart Hessler
Eye-Able®user with
Google Chrome

Working in the office, especially in the evening - only with blue filter. Thanks to the team!

Ina Sergeev
®user with
Microsoft Edge

Night mode - never again without it. Finally a night mode that really works well.

Luis Holzheimer
®user with
Mozilla Firefox

Zoom and magnifying glass functions make searching easier - for me as an architect, this is a great advantage, especially with spreadsheets!

Veronika Schmidt
®user with
Google Chrome

In case you still have questions.

Website operators

Eye-Able® is suitable for everyone. The functions are aimed particularly at older people and people with visual disabilities. However, people who spend a lot of time in front of the PC every day also benefit from its use.

The installation is done via a simple interface with our server. The interface can be integrated into your website with a few lines of predefined code. We do the rest!

By enabling your users to customize your content, you offer them equal access to your information. Contrast mode, sound output and many other Eye-Able® features offer your visitors the option to adapt your content according to their individual needs.

Contrast ratios, font sizes and keyboard navigation are specifications of WCAG and BITV. Through Eye-Able® you are able to comply with certain accessibility standards in an automated way. Full accessibility and thus full legal compliance can only be implemented with individual customizations - feel free to contact our support team for more information and guidance on this matter!

Our service team will be happy to help you with all your inquiries.

Use the contact form below to conveniently submit the contact information. You do not need to do anything else, we will get back to you.